Any NFP instructors out there? -- Need help


I am having a hard time getting my NFP instructor to get in touch with me :mad: (I think it’s time I find a new instructor) and I have major questions. Can anyone on here help?

I believe I recently ovulated for the first time postpartum (at 11 months) and had either 19 or 10 days of high temps depending on where ovulation occurred. (That’s a whole long saga in itself… :o)

Anyways, this morning, I started experiencing bright red bleeding… and still have high temps. In fact this morning, they went a few tenths of a degree higher!

So am I supposed to count this as my first period? Aren’t temps supposed to go down when you get your period?

Could this be a sign of something I should be seeing my doctor about? (not looking for medical advice)

Thanks in advance you guys. I feel like such a “problem” on here lately with all the questions. :blush:


I’m guessing you use sympto-thermal method? I can’t be of much help as I use creighton. I used Billings for a few years and yes your temp is supposed to drop when AF starts. For me, my temps were WILD when I was nursing so that would be another issue. Maybe if you wait to temp tomorrow, it will show a drop. If you are still getting a high reading, I think I’d call my OB.

Sorry you are having to deal with this…it’s so frustrating sometimes!


I use the sympto-thermal method and have had a couple times where my temp didn’t drop until the second day of my period. However, if your temp is rising and you started your period, I’d suggest taking a pregnancy test to rule both pregnancy and miscarriage out.


Considering this is her first postpartum “period” and apparently there was no clearcut temp spike for ovulation (did you normally detect ovulation easily before pregnancy?), it might just be breakthrough bleeding. If there is no temp drop, it’s not really the start of a new cycle according to my understanding. Try reviewing the info you’ve got about the postpartum return of fertility, or just do a google search if you don’t have a hard copy of anything.

BTW, I’m not a teacher and I’ve never went through a postpartum return of fertility, but I do practice the symptothermal method of NFP.


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