Any non-Catholics watching Papal


I know there is media coverage all over the place for the next several days.
If you are watching, I am curious as to what you think both of the coverage, the events, and the Pope himself.


I am watching and keeping up with a lot of what this Pope is doing. I have been brought to tears many time already in his papacy-- tears of gratitude. I am very christian but was not raised that way and started out deeply devoted to meditation from other traditions. When I got called to come to Christ it was the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church that nursed me in the faith and still do.

None of my friends came with -many citing the fact that the average christian they would meet was far less loving and devoted than they were. I think this was somewhat true despite how that sounds just because the communities I was connected with were unusually devoted to having a deep relationship with God. Many of my friends just sort of tolerated my new-found devotion to Christ with extreme hesitation.

This Pope has a lot of people I know reconsidering their aversion to Christianity-- I can see many people having a change of heart and wanting to come to God and to Christ because of him. A long time friend of mine who has a deep commitment to spirituality (who really does) is watching every single thing he can get his hands on about the Popes visit to the states. He is way into meditation and is saying that the Christian mystics are so much deeper than what he has been doing!!! I have told him that 100 times, but this Pope has him seeing it.

I cant say that I am Catholic but I do sit at the feet of the Catholic Church and Ill sit at the feet of this Pope also. I am deeply grateful for him and all of you…

No not watching…but recording EWTN…:slight_smile:

I’ve been watching. I was brought to tears several times when he spoke.

I’ve watched some on the overage on the news and a little bit on Raymond Arroyo’s show on EWTN. I think he is a down-to-earth leader and his message resonates with a lot of people and not just Catholics. I have a very favorable impression of him and like that he is not ostentatious even though he could be. I also like his choice of cars. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much good it will do, but I hope he is able to persuade the US Congress and president to allow Christians to live out their consciences without government intervention and government coercion forcing them to do things against their will (HHS mandate, etc).

Watching it right now on EWTN. :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching it, and have been so moved. He is such a warm, humble and compassionate man. I wish I was back in the States right now!

I’ve been watching the pope .

Pope Francis is certainly a very charismatic man. Naturally, he speaks of concerns that are today very politically charged caring for the environment, the benefits of a welfare state, etc… I was most impressed with his serving at a homeless shelter when he was invited to a meal by a bunch of DC politicos. A wonderful minister.

yes -he is a wonderful man -the services were beautiful -it does remind me of the long ancient history of the catholic and Orthodox

My Church is so close but so far

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