Any not-so-dedicated Catholics around?


I know that there are alot of folks here who are really devout Catholics (and there’s nothing wrong with that, btw :slight_smile: ) and I admire that.
Don’t know if this is the right place for this or not but I know the mods will move it if it isn’t. :wink:
Just didn’t know if there were other Catholics who are having issues with certain aspects of the CC, like maybe not believing completely in the Marian doctrines, or the teaching on contraception, etc. (just to name a few, I know there are others)?


Every single day, I ask God to help me to be prayful and to be a good Christian. As long as I have this prayer in my daily life, I wouldn’t consider myself as a devout Christian (Catholic) yet. :slight_smile:

While considering myself not a devout Catholic, I would not make any of my unbelief to be a chance for others to follow the same path.

It is better to help someone go along the right path than to drag himself with me to his own destruction.

God, help my unbelief.

Am I sounding too weird? :smiley:


G.K. Chesteron: “We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong.”


You probably won’t catch many (actually millions) of them on a site like this. This place is for the eager RCIA types. The cradles don’t care and don’t know enough to be bothered.


A couple more of GKC’s wise words on the topic:

“Christianity (by which he meant the orthodox teachings of the Church) hasn’t been tried and found wanting, it has been found hard and left untried.”


“The man who marries the spirit of the age will find himself a widower in the next.”

It isn’t that some teachings are hard to believe so much as they appear to be hard to keep (because they are counter-cultural) or they challenge us in ways we don’t want to face.

I think all of us, to one degree or another find that true.

Each of us has to come to see that the Church is a divine institution not a man-made one. It’s not a list of do’s and don’ts but the living presence of Christ in the world.

Once we accept that truth in the depths of our being, things fall more easily into place for us, even practicing our hard, but oh-so-rewarding faith.



Me 1
Me 2


I don’t consider myself as ‘devout’ and I’m definately not one of those ‘eager RCIA types’ as mentioned above, yes there 's plenty in the Catholic church I don’t yet understand, or I’m not entirely sure I believe…but I’m working on it:blush:

Anna x


I’m a cradle Catholic, and yes, I do care and know enough to be bothered, thanks. I don’t post much, but I lurk. I find many people’s attitudes around here to be quite mean-spirited towards those of us who do not agree with everything the Church teaches. I’m here because I do like to see how the official Church teachings are explained and defended, even if I don’t agree. There are issues I struggle with and hope to someday have full belief in, and other things that my conscience simply cannot accept.


That may be true of many cradle Catholics–but not all. And they are plenty who have gone through RCIA for reasons like marrying a Catholic who never become “eagar RCIA” types. Please be more charitable.


Well, then, let me extend to you an invitation to post more because you are sorely needed around here.:wink:


I can see some pride here.


I’m a cradle Catholic and I care quite a bit. I am a very firm Catholic and my religion is deep in my very being. I do have a bit of trouble with some of the hyper-Marian doctrines, especially the term co-redemptrix but I don’t dwell on it. It’s not that I don’t love Mary - I do very much - but some of the Marian devotions strike me as a bit over emotional. But I still say the rosary and the Hail Mary is one of my favorite prayers.


Makes me wonder if “cradles” needs be relegated to the no-name-calling bin with “prots”, “rad-trads”, et cetera? :eek:

PS, to [post=2217048]believers[/post]: Bah! :stuck_out_tongue:



My parents baptized me catholic, and I dont believe in the religion at all, so I guess I fit the category of a non-dedicated catholic.

I have a problem with just about everything the church teaches.


Were you raised Catholic? Were you confirmed? Just curious? Jump into some of the dialogues. But be warned, what some consider mean spiritedness is just a love for debate. There are people of all faiths here who will challange you.

If you don’t know a lot about being Catholic, though, don’t pretend like you do. Just be honest with what you know or don’t know.:slight_smile:


Excuse me? I am a cradle Catholic -that’s a pretty broad brush your painting with and a very unfair assertion by the way.:tsktsk:
I previously disregarded many doctrines but I educated myself and now try very hard to follow all of church teaching as best I can.


Would someone define what a devout Catholic is?

What are the bare essentials to being Catholic? At the Easter Vigil I witnessed three people who came into full communion with the RCC state in front of the whole congregation that they “believe everything the Catholic Church teaches to be true.” Is that the bare-minimum Catholic?


No it’s not pride… it’s a fact. I grew up and lived as a cradle Catholic. I also come from a long line of Catholics. Most of my friends were also Catholic. It would be different if I was never a Catholic to begin with.


I did not say ALL, I said many (millions). You would think with a billion members in the RCC that more cradle Catholics would be in here.


I think the reason you do not see more cradle Catholics here is they do not realize the need.

I just had a converstation with a cradle Catholic who had no idea that there are Christians out there who think we worship Mary and do not consider us to be Christians.

She was absolutely shocked and had no idea.

Whereas those of us who are reverts or converts know more what is being said about Catholics and are trying to teach the truth of what the Church teaches instead of the caricature or reach the misinformed who used to be Catholic, no matter how many years they were in catechism classes.

God Bless,

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