Any of your parishes having a Thanksgiving day Mass?


Our parish always has the regular weekday Mass, and another.

I was surprised our diocesan Latin Mass community had Mass. They normally only have Mass on Sundays and Catholic feast days. Thanksgiving was historically a “Protestant sort of feast” until recent decades.
If I had known in advance I would have come.


Even though it was Thanksgiving Mass we did have mention of St. Cecilia and used some of the prayers for her Mass as well.


Is St. Cecilia an optional memorial? And can’t a Thanksgiving Day Mass still be St. Cecilia?


No. Cecilia is an important saint. She’s in the Roman Canon.


Then wouldn’t the Mass be for St. Cecilia’s memorial regardless of whether Thanksgiving was also being celebrated?


Yes, it this year officially is for the saint. But parishes will describe it as Thanksgiving day, to make it easier to identify. No reason why we can’t be thankful at Mass.


I was impressed with my oarish’s Thanksgiving Mass. When U went last year it was pretty much like a normal daily Mass. This year it was just like a Sunday Mass minus the Gloria and Creed.


Hmmmm. We always sing the Gloria on Thanksgiving. However I don’t remember saying the Creed.


I remember saying the Creed but not the Gloria.


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