Any "old" movie buffs here? Trying to remember an old movie (70s or 80s)

I asked this on a movie forum, but I don’t think it was the movie I was looking for. They best they could come up with were two movies, once which was X rated, which obviously wasn’t it. I highly doubt this was R or X rated, as this movie was shown during the daytime, and my entire family was in the same room (we were on vacation, and the TV was on in the background). This movie I only caught a glimpse of in maybe the mid to late 80s (closer to '86, '87 probably). Here’s the scene that I remember (it’s in bits and pieces) -

The movie seemed to be a post-apocalyptic movie. I want to say sci-fi-post-apocalyptic. I also want to say it was on HBO or Cinemax (I saw this scene when on vacation, and the place we rented had channels like HBO). The characters in the movie (I think they were male) were riding into a dark city on an elevated ‘highway’ (?), and had to go to a destination in the city (which was dark, I’m guessing mostly abandoned?) to do something or meet someone. At the end of the highway, there was a ramp down into an area like a garage. The place I think was something like an underground city.

Anyway, at the destination, they were searching for someone and it had to do with some sort of sub-culture “sport”. The sport involved this large metal cage like the ones motorcycles perform stunts in (motorcycle stunt cage), except it was several roller-skaters (rollerblades) in some sort of competition. I remember one character talking to another and the person said “Careful, he cheats”. The cheater in this case had a switchblade to hurt the opponent (switchblades seemed popular for the villains to have in 70s/80s movie). I think one of the main characters had to compete in this stunt cage for some reason.

Possibly** Rollerball. **

Sure sounds like the 1975 version of Rollerball. There was a very bad remake made a few years ago as well. Actually, the movie has shades of “The Hunger Games”, with a society reverting to blood sport to control the population.

Could be rollerbabies


I was thinking the same, on all three counts. :o

Wikipedia has a summary of the 1975 film which might help the OP decide if it is the movie she is referring to.

Sounds like Rollerball to me, too.

Still reeling from the idea of 70s and 80s movies being “old” - or is it the movie buffs that are “old”? LOL! :smiley:

No kidding! :eek:

Could it be the"Warriors"?

The street gang, the Warriors has to attraverse NYC (from the Bronx to Cony Island). They are being hunted by all the other street gangs, because the Warriors are falsely occused of killing the head of another street gang.

They do take the train, and they also battle against a rollerskating gang. There is a scene in a garage and another scene where they walk along the NYC subway tracks.

Warriors, come out to play-ay…Warriors,come out to play-ay…Warriors, come out to play-ay (sound of Coke bottles clinking together)

It doesn’t sound like the Warriors, though-it sounds more like Rollerball. Actually, I don’t the Warriors would ever be even on Cinemax…for all the loosening of standards on movies in some areas, that’s a movie, that for a wide variety of reasons, would never, ever be made today.

I was thinking the same thing!

Rollerball starred James Caan, did it not?

The shots of the game were great - it was like a roller derby but with a steel ball integrated and the teams had to take shots at the magnetic goal. Very exciting game.

Pretty good movie.

But Rollerball doesn’t open like that.


So I think the OP needs to look to another movie.

This one looks like a possibility - the opening isn’t right but not long after that, there’s an interesting “game” that is like la crosse on blades. They call it “skateball.”

Just curious, could you be specific about why you think it couldn’t be made today?

I saw it the first time on broadcast TV, so I guess some parts would have been removed. But since then I saw it 2 more times uncut, it’s violent, but not more so than other films now. It isn’t sexually graphic if I recall correctly.


Good luck, I seem to remember that Rollerball was common fodder on the cable movie channels in the 80’s so that may be the one. I also remember trying to find an old movie that I saw as a child that had a crusty loud old protagonist cowboy with a peon from Mexico playing his side kick and the plot centered around getting a single cow to market.
I check the resumes of several actors that fit the protagonist bill and also those that would fit the sidekick’s bill. No go. This went on for several years before, and I can’t remember how I stumble upon it, I realize that the cowboy was played by Brian Keith and the sidekick was Alfonso Arau, whom I never even considered, for some strange reason. The movie is Scandalous John from the Disney studios.

But there are other, mainly Television movies, that I’m still hunting a listing for and one sitcom from the 60’s. Anyone here remember the live action “Super Chicken”?

Oh man… unfortunately there was a small explosion of these kinds of films after the successes of both Mad Max and Warriors in early 1979. Escape from New York was silly but actually pretty good, in my opinion, but many of them were complete jokes just capitalizing on the wave, like 1990: The Bronx Warriors, and 2019, After the Fall of New York.

I had a bit part in the movie The Warriors…and I am still upset that he called a movie from the 1970’s old…wah wah wah…:frowning:

That is awesome! Was your character in one of the gangs, and if so which one?

I second Havard’s question-was it at the big gang conclave when Cyrus gets shot?

Having never seen it, you have me curious. Why would it not be made? Politically incorrect?


I’m curious as well, having seen it…:slight_smile:

It’s violent, but not more so than films today, it isn’t really gory. I don’t recall graphic sex scenes.

I watched the first few minutes today…the way some of the street gangs were dressed. There was a gang of mimes, with striped shirts and white make-up.

Another gang with matching purple satin shirts and vests. Another gang had spaghetti strapped tank tops…and they were men!

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