Any one else here enjoy Jan Karon's books?


A few years ago, I began reading Jan Karon’s Mitford series. I fell in love with those books, and I was wondering if anyone else here likes them too?


:wave: I do! They’re not like any other book I’ve read. You pick it up thinking, “I wonder how Dooley is doing today?” (even though you’ve read the book at least twice before and you KNOW how Dooley is :blush: ) I am working on collecting the whole set. I am also looking forward to the new series. :extrahappy:


Yep. I love the Cookbook, too.


I’ve never heard of the author. Could you give a little description of her books.



Mitford is a little burb where everyone knows everyone else. The main character, Father Tim, is the rector of the Episcopal church there. I used to joke (when I was a Baptist) that if I ever found a real-life Father Tim I’d be Episcopalian in a heartbeat. :wink: You can go here to read more.


I love Jan Karon’s books. I’ve probably read them all a dozen times (or more). Whenever I get sick of the news and negativity of the day and begin to get depressed I pick up Fr. Tim and get into the life of Mitford! I highly recommend them to all my friends and anyone here who hasn’t picked them up. It’s very important to read them in order though (At Home in Mitford is #1), so you can follow events.:smiley:


I know. I thing Fr. Tim could convert a lot us!

The books are great if you are looking for wholesome, clean cut reading. No swearing, cussing, or pre-marital sex. It’s wonderful.


Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading my first one.
Glad to know, puppycat, that I should start with #1.


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