Any one here like/watch/subtitle anime?

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Ok… ^ topic :slight_smile:
[This can also be a topic can talk about manga as well I guess… it doesn’t matter much to me at least…]

As for me…

Anime I like:

  • D. Gray-man
  • Rockman.EXE Stream [US localization = “MegaMan”]
  • Tsubasa Chronicles + OVA
  • Infinite Ryvius [well only kinda…not That much…]
  • Card Captor Sakura [okok only a bit :p…]
  • Too much others, that I can’t remember at the exact moment…
    I will put more when I remember ^^

Subtitle it? Yep I do… :stuck_out_tongue:
-> Interestingly, although the Japanese people kinda mix history around and change stuff, they DO have Christian references in the anime and manga
-> the above references to religion are taken out by the licensing companies when they bring it to the US

I run my own Subtitling Group…not big yet but growing…ish >.>

I also do some subtitling/subbing for my church (and for school)
-> for school: take random openings of anime, subtitle and put karaoke effects to it. I also do it for some projects :p…
-> for church: interesting new way for me to do stuff, right now I’m in a youth group (Watermark) at my church community (SJCCC), so… well I am taking pictures that people take at the various activities that Watermark does, and then put them into a video, stick a christian song [most likely one that they sung, that I or someone else records] and then generally make a karaoke effect and then make the karaoke :stuck_out_tongue: I have finished 1… 2 is almost done, 3 and 4 are in development :slight_smile:

[note: if you guys want to help me subtitle anything - I would like more people in the group, but not mandatory - for anything such as the ones I’m doing for church, that’ll be great…]
[note 2: and it would help, if you know japanese to the degree to be able to translate it, that’ll be great… -> hard to find translators…]

discuss any of the above topics… I guess? ._.

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