Any one know anything about "Landmark"


Does anyone know anything about this program?

I have had several of my distant relatives participate in this course. They say it is wonderful but I am suspicious :cool: . Any info will be helpful. :thumbsup:




You are right to be suspicious.

Landmark Forum is the successor to EST - Erhart Sensitivity Training - and like it is very much a “human potential” kind of effort. It shares some roots with Scientology, in that the founder (a former used car salesman, whose real name happened to be Jacobson) has drawn from some of their approaches and techniques in structuring his programs.

Like scientology, it tends to become a never-ending series of costly sessions. After session 1, the people are primed, and aggressively folloed up on, to take session 2 so that their development can continue. And after 2, naturally, comes 3, and so on.

Its “education” status was selected by the founder because it was less controversial than the status of a religion, but had many of the same tax advantages. The IRS in the US has been after the founder for quite some time.

It’s something to be given a wide berth.




Actually, a lot of Catholic clergy have participated in the Landmark Forum.

Also, a review from the “The Tablet” (an International Catholic weekly) was done on the Landmark Forum.

(You will need to sign up for the free registration to get in. The article is entitled “A Very Nineties Weekend.”)


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