Any one know of any orders for women anywhere in the world , contemplative that accept people on medication or previously on?


Hello, Ive finally said yes to God and have decided I will pursue joining, preferably a contemplative order,. I have heard someone on here say they know of one in the US that accepts people that have been on medication for a mental health condition, but I cant find the thread.

God bless :D


This is the only order that comes to mind:



I think I posted on your previous topic, but I'm not sure. May I suggest these communities?

Religious Sisters of Mercy

Sister Servants of the Eternal Word

Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus (Northern Province)

I am currently discerning with the Sister Servants but I previously applied to the Carmelite Sisters. I voluntarily withdrew my application since I didn't feel their apostolate was the right fit. I am 100% sure that the Religious Sisters of Mercy have accepted women with mental disorders since I am in contact with a current candidate who is planning to enter on August 1st and who has a mental illness. If things don't work out with the SsEW, I plan to contact the RSMs and discern with them.

I have mental illnesses, myself. I have controllable depression with co-morbid anxiety. I am currently taking an anti-depressant and have had no relapses while being on it. :)


Daughter, have you ever contacted the Daughters of St. Paul? I'm curious as to how they are toward mental issues... I may contact them if things don't go well with the SsEW. And probably the Sisters of Alma, but I think those Carmelite Sisters you mentioned have too heavy an apostolate...


I have never felt attracted to the Paulines. I think they are a neat bunch, but it’s not for me. I don’t want to work in media, even though my mom thinks I should. The Carmelite Sisters do have a heavy apostolate and I wouldn’t recommend them for people who have depression and anxiety like me unless you are on medication and are confident in your abilities to work with mentally challenged and abused children. I have no idea how I’d fair now that I’m back on my medication, but I don’t intend to look into it again as I am not attracted to the order anymore.

I think the SsEW and the RSMs are the best bet for me, so far. I am still looking for other orders that accommodate those who have medication needs, but I haven’t found anything else yet.


Well, there is also that contemplative order in Georgia (I think?) that you mentioned, right?

Well, I got curious and contacted the Alma Sisters and the Pauline Sisters to see what they say. I told the Alma Sisters my actual issue to see what they say, as it is rarer than depression and they may have restrictions about it... I just would like to know more about my future if the SsEW decline my further discernment...


The RSMs, I’ve heard, are usually very open-minded when it comes to medical problems as they have a medical apostolate. However, I would advise that you don’t simply seek out an order that will accept you because of the medication. Look for one that you are highly attracted to and go from there. I tell you this because I applied to the Carmelites DCJ since they would accept me with medication but I never discerned whether or not the order was right for me. It did not end well.

I hope I do not offend you with this post, but I would like to prevent you from having the same outcome I did if I can. :slight_smile:


That's a hard one because most orders want people that are mentally healthy without medication, so it doesn't leave much room for browsing...


Yeah, I know what you mean, but my former spiritual director told me to find the order that I was attracted to the most and then ask them what they would do in my situation. I think he emphasized this because I spent so much time looking for an order that would accept me rather than one that I was really attracted to. I liked the Carmelite Sisters, but if I was offered an application right now, I would not take it since I know their apostolate is not the right fit.

I’m really hoping that the Sister Servants will say “yes.” However, if they don’t, I’m not quite sure who to contact next. I’m not sure if I am really interested in the idea of becoming a doctor or teacher in the RSMs. If they allowed me to become a psychologist, then I would check them out. :slight_smile:


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