Any one tired?

Am I the only who when someone you know finds out your Catholic they start to make comments about it and they feel the need to educate you on why we are wrong? It is irritating. This one kid told me that he knew everything about Catholicsm. I asked him if he was Catholic and he told me no and then proceeded to tell me that the Bible says to baptize only when you except Christ in your heart. I think I am going to just start telling them SHOW ME THE VERSES. Instead of show me the money lol, We’ll does anyone else have any of these irritations?

I would see it as an opportunity for me to explain Catholicism and the reason for my belief and hope. Maybe a bit irritated which is normal and which depends on the behavior of the person I am talking with.

It does get tiring, but for me, it’s actually easier to deal with this type of anti-Catholicism, rather than the one I’m normally around. At least with these people, they just come out and say what the issue is, and they see that it matters.

It’s much more draining for me to deal with those who don’t care at all about religion or God or the purpose of our lives or what happens after we die. They have some misconceptions about Catholicism that they just take for granted, and will make snide jokes about it, but aren’t willing to get into a real discussion. That attitude wears me down more, because they won’t just say what it is they mean, but use all these veiled condescending remarks. I can’t really help them see the truth because they don’t want to, all I can do is live my faith.

At least when someone’s vocally anti-Catholic, I can respond to a specific issue. When it’s just indifferentism, I have to get them to care, and see why it matters, and then can explain why we believe what we do.

But I guess that’s just the person I am. I like clearly stated objections and problems I can deal with. Tell me what your issue is and we’ll work through it, don’t just beat around the bush and pat me on the head like I’m a gullible child. Come on people, I’m a grown woman, I can handle debates, let’s discuss, not joke.

[End of rant] :slight_smile:

I would love to have the opportunity to talk about the Catholic faith with other people face to face. Around 95% percent of the time I’m forced to keep religion to myself because I can’t talk about it to my wife or work colleagues :shrug:

OTOH, when everything else fails, shake off the dust from your feet.:shrug:

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words: going forth out of that house or city for a testimony to them. (Mk 6:11)

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words: going forth out of that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet for a testimony to them. (Mk 6:11)


I don’t get these “Catholic negative response” threads. I have never gotten a unpleasant response when I tell people I’m Catholic. Nobody has tried to convert me either.

I can see that there are theological differences between Catholicism and other religions and other Christian denominations, but that does not make one “anti-Catholic” to disagree. I think some of you guys are perhaps too sensitive.

There are all kinds of people so in that sense, yes, there are other Christians who may not be so kind to Catholics. Of course, it is hard to understand and why should a Christian can be very mean. Unfortunately, rightly or wrongly, some Catholics have been victims of non-Catholics who ridicule their belief and especially in a situation where they do not have a proper opportunity to reply to the misconception.

I have some experiences with Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and the Evangelicals. The fact that they can be very vocal about their belief and that fact that their belief would mean to discredit ours, when said they can be outright rude and provoking especially if they are said undiplomatically. Honestly I would welcome them where I could counter them with my own belief.

But I have some Catholics, mainly the women, who reported to me on how they were unjustly treated by non-Catholics relatives or in-laws with sarcastic remarks about Catholicism especially during functions/gatherings where they could not retort back without making a scene. It can be a comment on sacramental items in the house, or the Rosary or even the sign of the cross.

While in college I remember how I argued with my Muslim mates. It was everything goes and no bars hold. I was naïve then, knew very little about my religion but nevertheless resented the fact that they said it was a false belief compared to Islam. They would go on to say that we worshiped three gods and that we regard Catholic priests as God, etc.

Basically it is good if we can correct the misconception without being confrontational. Sometimes it may take more than that especially if both parties are not trained in listening and being objective.

Strangely when I decided to explore the Catholic Faith as the true Church, I was suddenly surrounded by Catholic’s in my work-place (though some lapsed and I will be working on fixing that when I am in a position to do so). But my wife was suddenly surrounded by anti-Catholic’s. Suddenly out of nowhere there was a whole lot of people telling her a whole lot of “the problem with the Catholic Church” messages, which she then related to me.

It is perplexing not being able to talk to one’s wife about one’s faith. It deserves a :frowning: rather than a :shrug:

Actually, I love it. I wanted to get a t-shirt made that would say:

“I’m Catholic. You have questions. Let’s get started.”

Yeah, me too. That is why my wife cringes every time a couple of guys in suits come and knock on our door. :wink:

That would be great!

Try being the Lay Director of RCIA…LOL

I love it when I get the little visitors at the door (mormons and JW’s). It usually ends up with me chasing after them, trying to take a copy of the Catechism, or some other Catholic literature.

It is amazing how fast some of those little old ladies can run. :smiley:

As a side note, Our rectory seems to be a target for some of these people. They knock on the door, and one of the priests (in their collar) comes to the door, and they start “evangelizing”.

Now that takes some chutzpah.

I like this shirt better:


I can imagine how tiresome that would be. People say similarly ridiculous things to me when they find out I’m a heathen. Honestly, I yearn for the days when sex, religion, and politics were considered taboo subjects for polite conversation among mere acquaintances.

Most of the time I spend discussing religion is online, more specifically on a Catholic forum (more specifically, CAF :)) – not that I haven’t tried Orthodox and protestant forums in the past, but I won’t open that jar of worms right now – so I actually have much more opportunity to observe bad Catholic behavior than bad protestant behavior. But I can very easily imagine what you’re talking about.

I have a protestant friend who was raised in the Presbyterian faith. she knows I am catholic. she said at one time she had read some of the catechism of the
Catholic church. she recited the apostle’s creed which I suspect she learned as a Presbyterian. however, then she proceeded to tell me that martin luther had written the apostle’s creed. oh, dear!!! protestants don’t seem to know much about church history before the time of the reformation.

she asked me about Mary and the saints and I told her that we pray for the departed and she wanted to know why. I brought up the book of Maccabees (sorry, my spelling might be off on that one) and explained how Catholic bibles have more books than the protestant bibles. she then went on to say, well in MY bible! I wanted to tell her that it was the Catholic church that gave us the bible.

yes, I do get tired having to defend the faith to people who are misinformed and believe the lies they have been told about the catholic church.

Yes, As a Lutheran, I get tired of Catholics baggin on Luther, making mock of our beliefs, et al. and disrespecting my church by calling it an “ecclesial community”. You all would get irritated and cry to the mods if I did such a thing. :rolleyes:

But I imagine it’s the reverse on Protestant forums. (Although I admit I cannot say with much certainty, not having spent much time on Protestant forums.)

No. You’re right. It is. :wink:

But while not making light of Batman’s complaint, CAF is a rather good example of charity, relatively speaking.


Thanks Jon.

To Batman: after thinking a bit more your post, I’d like to ask: You say that we are

disrespecting my church by calling it an “ecclesial community”.

By extension, if an Orthodox says that Catholic sacraments aren’t valid (or even just that they don’t know whether they’re valid or not), is he/she disrespecting us?

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