Any Opinions on “The Past"

I base a lot of my life - on the now.
But, of course, own things, and have memories.

Does the Bible or any Saint writings…
talk about the past…as to have a fondness for it.
Or is it all -a constant forward progression…

There’s a scripture about Jesus
how his face was set towards Jerusalem…determination…

Paul said - putting things away that easily beset us…let us go onwards…diligence…

Say, the past…is a mere six months ago ?

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I also think of Jesus, when he said ,
No man, putting his hand to the plough,
looking back, is fit for the Kingdom.

Birds of the air have nests…etc

Even , I suppose, ‘get thee behind me, Satan’

The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there. L. P. Hartley (The Go Between).

The key is not to let the past haunt you so that you miss opportunities in the present. Keep the good memories.

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