Any Other Woody Allen Fans?

His films are a true joy to watch. Annie Hall (I know this should be underlined, but the function won’t work) never fails to bring a smile and laughter. His stand up comedy is brilliant as well. What does everyone else think of him?

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Love his films. Most of them anyway.

Great films, covers all the big subjects. My favorite movies of his are his very early ones (especially Sleeper, Take the Money and Run, from the 1980s Zelig, Purple Rose of Cairo). Some of the latest ones I still need to see.

And he once interviewed Billy Graham on his 1960s TV show “The Woody Allen Show.” He made fun of religion sometimes in his movies, but he was respectful in this interview.

YouTube video of that early interview

Phil P

Ever since I found out that Anniehall beat out Star Wars (1977) for Best Picture Oscar, I haven’t cared for Woody Allen at all!!!

Sorry…I mean…I’m…Sorry…I just…really I…can I say…I…I…sorry I don’t like him…much.

Except in Casino Royale (the original movie).

If you like his movies (especially his classics) and his Standup you will love his books.

I have read them all. I think there are three in total (Without Feathers is one title).

Favorite movies for me are Annie Hall, Love and Death and What’s Up Tiger Lily.

Love and Death is great, and Shadows and Fog, his take on expressionist silents, is probably my favorite. I’ve always imagined Allen’s picture under the dictionary definition for ‘nebbish’; he’s one of few people I know of who can effectively (for me, at least) pull off awkwardness as comedy.

I used to be pretty big fan. Pretty much like everything he’s done from Take the Money to Purple Rose. Kind of lost interest in him as he got older and then the Soon Yi stuff.

Little trivia, one of Woody’s idols was Bob Hope. Kind of the guy who never was the cool hero, but usually the opposite. Also the way Hope delivered his jokes.

Nobody can stop in the middle of a scene, look right into the camera, and start describing some philosophical point like (young) Woody.

I would never become a member of a club that would have me as a member…(think Grocho said that, but I know Woody used it too)…

I think he is a pervert…didn’t he marry his own adopted daughter??

Yep, like I was saying, liked him until the whole Soon Yi thing…

yeah, a minor detail

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