Any OTR fans out there?

Lately, I have loading up my MP3 player with Old Time Radio shows like Jack Benny, Fred Allen, The Whistler, My Favorite Husband, Superman, Mel Blanc, etc… My list is extensive. I find them pretty entertaining and wholesome. Rarely I watch TV these days. OTR has the power to invigorate my imagination while TV does not.

Any OTR fans out there? If so, what shows are your favorite?

I love these shows and listen to them frequently. There are some great collections on the web.

Some that I love include Burns & Allen, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Sam Spade, Vic and Sade, and Night Beat. Lately I’ve been listening to Information Please and thinking how they could never find people today who have such a wide range of knowledge.

I loved listening to Jack Benny when I was a kid! My dad was a huge OTR fan. I have to say I haven’t done it in years, though.

I never heard of Information Please til now. I will check it out.

Yep — my wife and I love OTR. Give me am old time radio show over the obscene rubbish on TV today! OTR was not afraid to acknowledge that people went to church or prayed.

We are fans of:

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Lux Radio Theatre
I Was a Communist for the FBI

One thing I like about I Was a Communist for the FBI is the fact hat it is relatively true stories and that the main character, Matt Cvetic was a Catholic, went to church right near were I live and is buried near here. His only non-FBI confidant was his parish priest!

I particularly like Gangbusters and Calling all Cars.

We also have enjoyed CBS Radio Mystery Theatre from the 1970s as well as the CBC Mystery Project from the 90s and 00s. In the case of the CBC series our favourite is the 30 some episode run of Clean Sweep.

We are currently listening to Family Theatre which aired on Mutual in the late 40s. It was the brainchild of a Catholic priest. While not Catholic as such, it does use drama to illustrate the importance of prayer, and starred many of the biggest stars of the day.

God bless


PS – I wonder if we should start a group here to discuss the shows and maybe trade series

It’s available at the Internet Archive:

Information Please, page 1:
Information Please, page 2:
Information Please, page 3:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Great sites for OTR:

Any NewTR out there?

Here are a few more for OTR:

here are two I frequently download shows from:

there are a few that I came across:

Bell’s in the Batfry
It fits the style of OTR Comedy. It’s best to have a podcast aggregator like Itunes to download the shows.


If you can find 'em ---- go for the Mystery Project from CBC Radio One in Canada. The show was canceled a while ago, but stuff from it is floating all over the 'net. I recommend the episodes of Bailey’s Way and Clean Sweep … with Clean Sweep being really great.

CBS Radio Mystery Theatre is great, but at times a bit more on the occult theme than I like. Granted, its to scare and not glorify the occult, but none the less … pick and choose.

Then – for great classic British NTR, go to BBC 7

Then get a programme taht will let you capture streaming audio. You can choose any thing they have aired over the past 7 days and save it. Featured now are:

Hercule Poirot - After the Funeral
Wealthy businessman Richard Abernethie is dead. His sister thinks it was murder.

Jagged Prayer
Detective Inspector Cromwell and Mother Helen try to solve the murder mystery

Miss Marple - The Moving Finger
The spinster sleuth ponders an outbreak of hate-mail - and a trail of death.

Dad’s Army
Radio adaptation of the classic sitcom about the Home Guard

Doctor in the House
Comedy series following the fortunes of a young doctor, Simon Sparrow

To name but a few goodies

God bless


For those interested in discussing OTR, I started up a group called “Theatre of the Mind”

Join the Theatre of the Mind group

I just joined the group. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the links to different sites with programs to download or listen to. It’s interesting to see the variety of programs at different sites. I’m looking forward to exploring some that I’m not as familiar with.

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