Any parishoners from St. Clement's in Ottawa?

For various reasons I moved to Ottawa quite unexpectedly. The positive side to this move is that I am now able to attend the traditional Mass every week at St.Clement’s parish.

Are there any parishoners from St. Clement’s in Ottawa here? :slight_smile:

Speaking of St. Clement’s, one of the priests from this parish was with Monsignor Schmitz on the EWTN roundtable discussion on the Motu Proprio last night, Father Joseph Lee.

Unfortunately I’m not a parishoner but I used to be! A year ago I lived in Ottawa for a short time and that was the parish I attended for awhile. It is a really lovely church that is for sure. Hope you enjoy!

I remember St. Clement’s back in 1985, when it met in a former Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall! Yet even then, it was indeed a very beautiful parish.

I lived in Ottawa back then, and attended my very first Tridentine Latin Mass there. I literally didn’t know if I was in heaven then or still on earth! The mass was absolutely wonderful.

Plus, I remember these very beautiful college-aged sisters who attended with their parents. I remember how they wore mantillas and everything. I had such a crush on the blonde! I still wonder whatever happened to her.

I’m going for Mass and Compline tonight in thanksgiving for the Motu Proprio. Can’t wait :smiley:

This is their website:

I attended a nice Low Mass last night, followed by a beautifully sung Vespers and then Benediction. :smiley:

I am green with envy…

Because it is Ordinary Time? :confused:

No such thing as Ordinary Time in the Old Rite…

It’s After Pentecost :wink:

Beautiful church.

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