Any Passionists out there?



I've recently enrolled myself in the Confraternity of the Passion (I'm a married lay Catholic). If anyone here is a member, please let me know. You can also post a comment on my blog:

Happy New Year and God bless!



In addition to a link to St. Gemma, your website has a link to St. Gabriel to whom St. Gemma had an attachment. Not much info out there about him. Thanks for the link.


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I've recently enrolled myself in the Confraternity of the Passion (I'm a married lay Catholic). If anyone here is a member, please let me know. You can also post a comment on my blog:

Happy New Year and God bless!



I'm alittle late to your post, but yes, I'm a member of the Confraternity of the Passion.

I have been a member for better than 3 years now and I find this to be a wonderful group of lay people, priests and brothers. They are truly keeping the charism that St. Paul Of The Cross envisioned for his order alive today. While some parts of his order seem to have strayed abit into modernism, this group is a tradtional Catholic one where the praying of the rosary is central, penence is still extremely important, veils are worn by many of the women, the Black Scapular is worn by members and talks about the pressing Catholic issues are discussed, but by far the most important thing is, the Passion of Christ is preached and the memory of His Passion is kept alive in our minds and hearts and we find out how it still relates to our lives today.

I am lucky enough to have a Passionist monastery about 15 minutes from my house, so I am able to make their meetings and enjoy the other fruits of this wonderful and holy place. I thank the Lord for letting me find this group of people and I pray for the priests of this order that they may continue to fulfill their mission of praying Christ Crucified...


Hi Jimcav,

You are indeed fortunate to live so near to a Passionist monastery and attend the Confraternity meetings. I hope someday to be able to do the same.

Thanks for the response and for visiting my blog; I appreciate your comments!

God bless,


Yes, I consider myself very forunate.:slight_smile:

It’s kind of funny, I only happened upon this monastery when my daughter started high school across the street from them. I’ve always lived close to them but I never thought of venturing in to see what order ran the place and what they could offer lay people like myself. Well, I’m glad I finally did go in, because besides the Confraternity, they offer some wonderful programs like retreats and days of prayer and devotion and trips. I am the Grand Knight of my Knights of Columbus council and I have brought quite a few members there over the years, many for the first time and others that hadn’t been back there in years and they also have enjoyed the peace, serenity and charism of the Passionists.

I urge everyone to seek out a monastery near them, no matter the order, and see what they have to offer. I’m quite sure that they will offer programs for lay people that you would find enriching and interesting. We cannot let these monasteries go empty. They are one of the things that make being Catholic so special!:thumbsup:

By-the-way Confiteor, I’ve bookmarked your blog. It is very good and the best one I’ve seen on the Passionists! You really have tapped into their charism, so keep on blogging!:tiphat:

One question, have you been invested in the Black Scapular yet?:confused:


Jimcav, that's an excellent point regarding the riches of monasticism that are available to all of us Catholics. Pope Benedict XVI has returned to that theme often in his speeches and writings. His choice of name upon election to the Chair of Peter is significant: St. Benedict was, of course, the founder of monasticism in the Latin Church.

Come to think of it, there is a Carmelite convent about an hour away from me. I should contact them.

For those near Whitesville, KY, the Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph Monastery are a treasure. They are very traditional Passionists (albeit not "traditional*ist*") and they radiate a peace and serenity that can only be found by keeping the Passion of Jesus close to heart:

I have not yet been invested in the Black Scapular. I don't even know where to find one! :shrug:


Unfortunately, the scapular is not for sale anywhere except at Passionist monasteries. Only the Passionists are allowed to make and sell them and they are the only priests that are allowed to do the investiture prayers and blessing, unless another priest has been granted permission by the Superior to do it. But as confraternity members, we are all urged to wear them to keep us close to the order and so we can share in the good works, prayers and intentions of the order. There are also numerous indulgences granted for the proper wear of one.

Maybe you can seek out the closest Passionist monastery and take a road trip. :wink:


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