Any pastoral associates or youth ministers?

Does anyone work as a pastoral associate or a youth minister? I am considering applying for one of these jobs and was wondering what the daily/weekly schedule is like.

The schedule differs from parish to parish, depending on full time vs part time, depending on exact responsibilities, parish needs, etc

Like phil said, it depends on your responsibilities. I help out a youth minister in my parish and typically she has a weekly youth group, biweekly first year Confirmation, biweekly second year Confirmation, a weekly leaders resource meeting, and a youth Mass once a month. Most of these are from 7pm-9pm roughly. She also does planning and paperwork during the day, and has periodic meetings with the pastor and has to attend the parish council meetings. She sometimes works with the young adults because they’re part of the youth program, but they mostly run themselves. She also has to plan and host events for a parish partner program which brings youth groups from different parishes together.

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