Any places in Memphis tennessee


going to memphis tennesse for some time… anyone know if there are any places that i should see there?


ohmigosh!! Memphis is a great town. Of course there is “mecca” - Graceland. Which is just a hoot if you want to see 70’s decor gone bad. And of course Elvis’s grave was moved to Graceland as well. Beale Street - which has all the blues clubs like BBKings, Beale Street Blues, etc. They have dueling pianos and all kinds of fun stuff on Beale Street. Sun Records (the original recording studio) is on Beale Street as well. The Orpheum Theatre is gorgeous and frequently has concerts and events going. There is a trolley system so you don’t have to hoof it if you don’t want to. And I personally think the best barbecue in Memphis is the Rendezvous. Others may feel free to disagree. :thumbsup:

There is a more genteel side as well in Germantown - beautiful houses and estates. There’s the zoo and you’re right there at the “Delta” - home of the blues so you could take in some great music. And while you’re there, go into Arkansas. It is really a beautiful state. Hot Springs is a lovely city with lovely spas! Also you won’t be too far from Oxford, Mississippi. That is a charming city. Think Faulkner and Eudora Welty and just absorb the culture. And as I recall you’ll be near the Antebellum Trail (I think that’s what is called) if you have any desires to go see beautiful old plantation homes. (Those that survived the “war of northern aggression”. :slight_smile: Have a ball in Memphis. As you can see I have really enjoyed any time I have spent there.


I would add
Pink Palace
Mudd River
and please go visit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital gift shop. great place and a very worthy cause.


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