Any podCast fans?

I love podCasts. I was never a fan of talk radio because I could never remember when shows were on or I didn’t have access to radios when I wanted to listen to a show. But, I got an iPod a little over a year ago. Then I discovered podCasts. I love these babies, it’s like on-demand talk radio where ever I go. Here are some of my favorite podCasts (all are available through iTunes and/or podcast alley).

Catholic Hack – I just discovered this one so I can’t describe it very well. (

Catholic Under the Hood – This is done by a Franciscan Priest who is a professor at a Franciscan University in Austria. He generally focuses on historical Catholic topics or differences between the Roman and Orthodox Churches. (

Christian, but not necessarily Catholic
Coffee Cup Aplogetics – The host doesn’t seem to be Catholic, but from listening to the show he really understands, and often speaks from, the Catholic stance. His topics focus on things you might get asked over a cup of coffee, so many of the issues he discusses aren’t specifically Catholic but are actually on areas where Catholics and Protestants do not differ. This is not released regularly though. (

Please Convince Me – This is hosted by a “seminary graduate and cold case detective” (yes it’s one person). He runs a house church, I am not 100% certain what that means. He tends to do series, spending multiple weeks on a single topic. Many of his series focus on issues that are the same for all Christians. For example he just finished a series on the arguments for God, and is now doing a series on classical heresies. The show comes out every Sunday night or Monday morning. (

Secular podCasts
This American Life – The radio show in podCast format. It’s an awesome show! (

Hardcore History – Dan Carlin is an awesome show host and this show does series on historical events, usually wars. Right now he’s doing a series on WWII. This show comes out monthly – roughly (

Average Tom’s podCast – This is a politically centered podCast. Each episode generally does two segments on the same topic with the first being informational and the second being opinion. The third segment is a weekly history lesson. It’s a pretty cool podCast. (

These are just my absolute favorites, I actually listen to about 20 podCasts. I constantly have one going in the background, even while I write this post.

Who are some of your favorites?


I like Catholic Answers Live on this website. I don’t download them anymore because I listen to it live driving home from work everyday on Sirius satellite radio.

Can’t go past Catholic Answers Live!

Truth be known somehow downloading it from iTunes one day is the reason I was inspired to delve deeply into the Catholic faith.

So no body here listens to anything except the Catholic Answers podCast?

#1 Favorite is Catholic Answers live, of course.

Other Catholic casts:

Fr Z of wdtprs fame offers both a podcazt and a prayercazt of for those interested in the liturgy, esp. the Ltin form.

Catholic Under the Hood from Fr/Prof Seraphim Beshoner, TOR of Franciscan U/Steubenville.
He does all sorts of topics but lots of history and a special interest in the Church’s Eastern Rites and Eastern Orthodoxy.

In Our Time from BBC 4, lots of history, some literature. Many thanks to the taxpayers of the UK.
Actually, the BBC offers a lot of good podcasts, jut Google (or Bing) BBC podcast and you won’t have to look thru each BBC separately.

The Word Nerds. The only cast I’ve run across that offers a rating at the beginning of the show depending on the words to be discussed. Only one R so far.

I’m going to have to check these two out, thanks! Anyone else have some suggestions?

The Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick is my favourite podcast with his other podcast Healthy Catholic being my 2nd favourite.

I also enjoy Catholic:Under the Hood, The SaintCast, iPadre, Technopriest, The Catholic Family, Verbum Domini, Praystation Portable and The Catholics Next Door Podcast (along with the gone but not forgotten Rosary Army Podcast) as well as the EWTN Podcasts, Catholic Answers LIVE Podcast, The Catholic Hack Podcast, and That Catholic Show.

I listen to some of them at SQPN

I listen to Heart, Mind and Strength-

The One True Faith is a great podcast. It defines Catholic doctrine and defends in such a way that really makes you sit and marvel at some of the great gifts we have as Catholics.


Some others:

The Doctor is In – Dr. Ray Guarendi, Catholic Psychologist answers questions on raising kids, family life, the Catholic faith, just about everything

Classic Tales podcast (secular) – I haven’t actually listened to this recently but the podcaster reads various classic short stories.

Priests for Life – daily 1-minute podcast

Deep in Scripture – Marcus Grodi discusses a few passages from scripture

Word on Fire – weekly homily on the Sunday readings by Fr. Robert Barron – Daily News Roundup from a Catholic perspective; and the Vortex – commentary (usually less than 5 minutes each). These are in in .flv format, but Real Audio just came out with some new sofware that converts to a Windows format that I can view on my Zune, or to .mp3 if I just want to listen to the audio.

We have a podcast that focuses on Catholic Men called “The Men of Jesus Christ Podcast”, getting out into the world and fighting the battles, such as leadership, fighting pornography, standing up for life, and jts kicking some butt out in the world as a catholic.
Check it out: streaming-
or subscribe directly from iTunes:

Any ideas for the show would be great!! :slight_smile:

If I can add to this already awesome list - EWTN has a whole library of podcasts.
And, I have to get one in for Fr. john Riccardo’s ‘Christ is the Answer’ podcasts. Best.

I listen to many that have been mentioned already, plus the “Jay and Jack” Podcasts for V, FlashForward, and LOST. Also, I get the one hour only Dave Ramsey podcast from iTunes. For all three hours you need to be a member of, but even with a 3 hour commute every day, I have a hard time getting anything else in besides CAL.

Sonitus Sanctus sends you links to Catholic MP3s from all over; scriptural Rosaries, Chesterton audiobooks, lectures by Peter Kreeft, &c, &c, all excellent stuff, all free.

My favorite podcast is Catholic in a Small Town. They talk about family, life, catholic stuff, and current topics.
Excellent choice for me while at work, and needing a bit of humor in my day!

My favorite Catholic podcast is the Secrets of Harry Potter from SQPN (everybody oves SQPN, it seems), which discusses things like love and symbolism. I listen to a lot of secular podcasts and out of those I must say that my favorites are the Gearheart by Alex White, which has lots of action and excellent characters and world building, and the Drabblecast, which is . . . weird.

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