Any point in trying?


If one feels a genuine call to a vocation within the Church but had attempted suicide as a teenager and thus has a canonical impediment to receive orders, is there any point in even going through a personal discernment process and/or trying to get in to a seminary at some point? Canon law states that a Bishop can grant a dispensation in such cases, but in reality is this something that really happens? I realize it’s an individual case by case type thing, but what is the case generally speaking? Also, are these dispensations requested prior to entering seminary in the case of a religious order? Any advice is much appreciated.

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Wow. This is news to me. I do not see how a suicide attempt as an adolescent could possibly be placed into a category of "canonical impediments".

I think some things would need to be taken into consideration:
person's age now, what age did the suicide attempt happen, has the person resolved any issues that were leading to the consideration of suicide, etc. Maybe also a letter of support from a mental health professional in support of your general well-being and mental stability now at the present.

I don't think it is a "black and white" issue as you may understand it to be.

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It sounds like you are going on assumptions. Get in touch with your diocese’s office of vocations and what ever religious orders you are interested in and explain your situation; they will be able to advise you.


Any and/or all canonical impediments can be removed: it may just take a little work. If you are a worthy candidate and have a genuine vocation the diocese will work with you. Just be upfront and honest about your reasons why you feel you have a vocation, as well as being forthright about your past and I am sure that any diocesan vocation director worth his salt will help you through any process necessary.

Good luck, and God Bless.


Thanks everybody!!! :slight_smile:


If you do not feel like it is too personal, please keep us updated on this one. I am truly curious about how the diocese would handle such case...

Good luck with your vocation, whatever it may be!


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