Any positives, any solutions?


Keep seeing lots of things on the internet about abortion, terrorism and gay marriage. Keep seeing them everywhere and there’s not a whole lot I can actually do about it – I’ve protested in front of the abortion mill - told whoever will listen that homosexual sins are sins which cry out to heaven for justice, and I just had the thought – well, soon we’ll have outright murder legalized, like in this old 1960’s movie I saw, and more recently in that movie “The Hunger Games.”

Very dejected.

I’d sure like to hear anyone’s ideas, in a charitable way, on how they’d personally be part of the solution towards these moral maladies and not only part of the problem -complaining, doing nothing, denying there is no problem, etc.

Just looking for some hope and some positives.

Thanks for listening and please pray for me.

God is in control.

Pray and make sacrifices.

Take a break from those websites, maybe from the Internet.

Spend some quiet time with the Lord. Adoration chapel nearby?

Sometimes we need to recharge our batteries.

A positive would be that you are offering up prayers! :thumbsup: These horrible acts are bringing you to your knees in prayer. We cannot demand an answer when we would like it to occur, but we simply pray and place our trust in God! Keep praying and believing in the power of the Holy Spirit to change hearts!

You bring up a good point. It was the same in the old testiment with the prophets. The more they brought the sins of the people, especially adolatry, it went in one ear and out the other. It was very frustrating for them, and some of the prophets did not want to preach since they even told God nobody would listen to them.

It was the same for Jesus, he too was a prophet of the new testiment. Many didn’t listen and just walked away. And Jesus warned certain cites, including those in Galilee, especially Capharnaum, his home away from home, how bad it would go for them for not listening. But still there you have it.

So this problem is as old as the hills and will never be resolved except at the end.

My own outlook is what Jesus said one day. On a certain day Jesus said for the apostles to come with him except for John. And I think it was Peter who said, well why dosen’t he come with us? And Jesus said that if I don’t want him to come, what is that to you? You do what I ask, and he will is to do what I ask of him.

It is sort of the same now as then. We just do the bidding of Jesus in our life and leave the rest to someone else. Like Mother Teresa said, its never about them and us, but about Jesus and us. We will do more good just doing his will in our life, and then offering our life to Jesus for them as Jesus did.

It is never a time to be discouraged because we have Jesus who tells us, “my peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” If we have him, everything is right.

Just a thought.

“As the deer longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for you, O God” Psalm 42

It really is an eye opener to realize that we are following in the same footsteps of the Roman Empire. I’m sure during those times, there were many Romans who felt the same way and offered prayers and lived their lives according to God’s Will. We are past the turning point in this country when it comes to the issues you have shared. All we can do is to continue our prayers, educate the ignorant on the evils that are promulgated by these issues, and live our faith outwardly and openly. America is fast becoming a Godless country. My family does what it can to profess the teachings of the Church outwardly. That is all we can do. Keep the faith and live it. Pray and foster the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy. Miracles DO HAPPEN through prayer.

You need to maintain yourself within Christianity, and your relationship with THE LORD.

HOWEVER, it is a lie or absolute ignorance to say that our lives here are completely devoid of any semblence of practicality in the immediate, and that our lives are NOT fraught with (at times absolute) competition between each other and our environment.

THEREFORE, you can hold-out, to those around you that your Christianity is not something THEY will should necessarily count on if they do not uphold it themselves. They should not count on your Christianity in your interaction with them if they so flagrantly “chuck-it” otherwise.

One maxim maintains the relationship between individuals when forming pairs or coalescing into larger groups and that is:

– TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012

Hi Crenfo,

It is easy to get discouraged over the issues you mentioned but Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta said God calls us to be faithful not successful. Yes, there is a lot going on and the things you mention are very big and evil issues but I guess I feel and think that I will never give up and never quit! I look at someone like blessed JP II. He lost his mother at nine, then later on lost his brother and father. Poland was taken over by the Nazis and then later the communists. Not only did he experience very personal family losses but saw and lived through some pretty big evil governments and political turmoil and yet when he became Pope, he said “be not afraid!” I think if anyone could or would be afraid, it is him. I look at the early Church where the believers were powerless and persecuted and yet what rose from the ashes of the collapsed Roman government was the Church. One can look at this last election and be totally discouraged, yet God calls us not to quit but keep fighting because in the end “the gates of Hell will not prevail against us”. Focus on positive stories, review Church history and realize that in the end who will be on top and “be not afraid”

These replies are so helpful. Thank you.

Robwar and Bookcat, thank you for your comforting reply and website link, respectively.

I appreciate it.

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