Any problem with going to Mass on Saturday night and Sunday?

My Lenten resolution is to go to Mass everyday. I forgot to go to the normal Saturday morning mass, so the only masses left in my town are Saturday night vigils. Can I go to that AND go to Sunday mass? Can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Thanks!

Yes, of course you may do that if you wish. There’s nothing against it. :slight_smile:

You can never worship and adore GOD enough, please go to both, go to all the Masses in one day. However, you can only receive communion twice in one day. So if you attend the 3rd Mass you must refrain from receiving.

why would you think the answer would be no?

Haha, I didn’t figure there would be one. I thought perhaps that since they were both vigils, it would qualify as taking mass twice in one day without special circumstances.

Edit: I guess what I meant to say is, can I receive communion at both masses. I thought the rule was one could only receive communion twice in one day with special circumstances.

I like to go to Mass at St. Johns, Saturday eve, St. James Sunday morning, and Sacred Heart, Sunday evening, all on the same weekend. Just to give you something from my example here. :slight_smile:

And do you get accept the Eucharist at each?

He could accept receiving communion at the Sat vigil and the two Sunday Masses if he’s properly disposed.

Of course I do, if I did add a 3rd on Sunday, I would refrain from taking it that third time, as it’s not permitted to take it more then twice in one day. There are no special circumstances for taking it twice if you attend two masses, so don’t worry about taking it twice in one day.

I must have been mistaken then. I heard it explained once that the Vatican allowed a 2nd time in one day in case someone attended a wedding or a funeral in addition to mass, and in the absence of these, one should only take it once. Thanks for clearing this up!

Yes, but watch out for that one-hour fast. I’ve seen them serving donuts and cake to out-of-towners just before wedding Masses.

When we started being able to receive Communion twice in one day, ‘special occasion’ was the rule but since the new 1983 Code of Canon Law we can receive twice in one day as long as the second time is at a Mass we’re attending. It doesn’t matter why we’re attending. You could attend two Sunday Masses back to back and receive at both.

neither is a vigil
the Saturday evening Mass the anticipated pass, Mass any time Sunday is Sunday Mass. You may receive communion at either or both Masses if you are otherwise properly disposed.

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