Any Professing Christian May Commune?


Is it true that Lutherans and other Christians may commune in a Catholic parish?

Thanks in advance.


No. Lutherans and other Christians who are members of churches that are not in communion with the Church of Rome may not receive the Eucharist.




Okay… Because I spoke with the priest about communing at the Catholic Church as an Orthodox Christian, and he said that Lutheran and Anglican pastors often commune at his parish on Sundays. Is he in error? Or am I missing something here?


No, however Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christians may commune under certain circumstances.


My understanding is that as an Eastern Orthodox, I may partake of the Catholic Eucharist according to the Catholic perspective, but not from an Orthodox one (at least not without breaking my communion with the Orthodox Church). :confused:


Yes. That is most certainly in error. Any priest who does that is committing a serious offense against the faith and against the Church.

Since you are Orthodox, it is possible for him to legitimately admit you to Communion, but never Lutheran or Anglican ministers (not under any circumstances whatsoever).


The relevant Latin rite canon is 844, which says:

Catholic ministers administer the sacraments of penance, Eucharist, and anointing of the sick licitly to members of Eastern Churches which do not have full communion with the Catholic Church if they seek such on their own accord and are properly disposed. This is also valid for members of other Churches which in the judgment of the Apostolic See are in the same condition in regard to the sacraments as these Eastern Churches

But this does not apply to protestants, so that priest seems to be in error when it comes to them.


I thought it sounded weird. He is a priest of 30 some years and said that the Pope has made it clear that anyone who believes that Jesus is God can commune at a Catholic Church. What does one do? Avoid this parish? That leaves me with zero options… :frowning:


I know, for example, a Greek Orthodox family that occasionally visits and communes at my Eastern Catholic parish.


So… don’t know what to say to that he is either misinformed or dishonest
In any case, if there is no Orthodox parish or monastery a reasonable distance it sounds like your only option for the Eucharist. Have you checked out St. Aidan’s OCA parish in Cranbrook, or is that too far?


St. Aidan’s (about 1.5 to 2 hrs from my current home) was my home parish years ago, but since leaving and moving back, the resident priest has moved on and a visiting priest serves about once a month from Calgary (about 4.5 hours away). Either myself or the visiting priest have been unable to make it on the same Sunday since I moved back in October. Discouraged, I started visiting the Catholic parish minutes away and have very much been enjoying the services which take place 5 days a week. I have never communed at the Catholic parish, and have not communed at all since September. Not sure what to do…


What he said is wrong. Plain and simple.

What should you do? Remember that everyone is a sinner, and anyone can be wrong about something. It doesn’t mean that the Mass he celebrates is any less valid.

What we should all do is pray for better Seminary formation.


Good advice. Thank you, Fr. David.


Thank you, Father. Where is the like button when I need it?




Only Catholics in the state of grace may receive the Body of Christ.



Since the OP is Orthodox, the best option is for him or her to find a Byzantine Catholic parish and ask his or her own Orthodox bishop for permission to commune in a Catholic parish or community, as the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics share similar liturgies (the Byzantine rite, hence the name Byzantine Catholic).


Edit: Then again, I doubt the OP would be posting if there was a Byzantine parish nearby.


Not an option. I live in the sticks, 3.5 hours from a fair sized city.

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