Any proof of Angelica Zambrano is false prophet


I know that Angelica Zambrano is a false prophet but they are many people believed in her. I just want any more proof of her so that the people won’t believe her anymore. God bless you


Are you just trying to be prepared, or do you know specific people that vouch for her?


Trying to be prepared because I don’t want people to be the victim of her lies. Believe me, I’m one of those victim


Ok That’s good. Thank you


When a prophet claims visions that contradict teachings of the Catholic Church, that’s a pretty good indicator they are wrong/false.

Zambrano has claimed she saw souls in hell that belonged to people who were still alive on earth. The Catholic Church teaches that our soul does not go to heaven, hell or purgatory until we die and are judged upon death. It is therefore impossible for a living person on earth to have their soul sitting in Hell while they are alive.


It’s more of a matter of whether or not they can substantiate their claims

If there is someone that says something that deviates from Christ’s and the Church’s teachings, then it more has to do with how we can know they are telling anything of substance? Do they have any reasoning or authority? And if so, can they show it?

If they are random claims about personal revelations, then I would take what they say with a large grain of salt.


She said that she saw “STREETS” of gold (plural)… a common mistake among false prophets…
Where is that in the Bible?

Rev 21:21 and the street of the city was of pure gold, transparent as glass. (singular)
It was meant to be singular because the street stands for One Church…
Rev 22: 1-2 …the river of life-giving water, sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the down the middle of its street. On either side of the river grew the tree of life…

Gal 3:16 warns us NOT TO PLURALIZE WHAT IS MEANT TO BE SINGULAR…"It does not say, ‘And to descendants,’ as referring to many, but as referring to one, ‘And to your descendant,’ who is Christ.*



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one more gross inaccuracy, she claimed that saw pope st. john paul II in hell and apparently Jesus told her the reason he was there was because he never preached that God existed and never spoke about hell.

clearly, she never bothered to research anything john paul ever said or did before saying Christ told her that in her prophecy


Never heard of her - guess that is a good thing.



There are three criteria for an individual to claim he/she is a prophet and they should do at least one of them.

  1. They need to spend time alone fasting in order to ensure that any information they receive isn’t just something they think is right. The prophets would spend time in the desert fasting in order to purify themselves.
  2. They need to speak truth to power. Nathan very easily have been killed when he confronted King David about his having had Uriah killed.
  3. They need to pass on their skills to the next generation. Samuel organized the school of the prophets and Elijah became a teacher.


When I was a lukewarm Catholic, I believed her lies that St JP II was in hell. Now I know what bogus that was.


Yeah, the “idolatry” thing as well as other anti-Catholic rhetoric in this story kind of gives it away to me as a fundie-influenced or inspired “vision”.


Don’t be bothered because She changed the Revelation and add in her own version. Also the rapture is not teached by Jesus but invented by a pastor and occult practitioner in the 19th century


Another aspect to point to that this is false is that supposedly Christ specifically said that no one in Heaven knows anything which is happening on earth. This is specifically contradicted in 2 Maccabees when Judas Maccabeus sees Onias, who had already died, in heaven praying for the Jews along with the prophet Jeremiah:

What he saw was this: Onias, the former high priest, a noble and good man, modest in bearing, gentle in manner, distinguished in speech, and trained from childhood in all that belongs to excellence, was praying with outstretched arms for the whole Jewish community.

Then in the same way another man appeared, distinguished by his white hair and dignity, and with an air of wondrous and majestic authority.

Onias then said of him, “This is a man who loves his fellow Jews and fervently prays for the people and the holy city—the prophet of God, Jeremiah.”
(2 Mac 15:12-14)

If they didn’t know anything about what happened on earth, then how could Onias speak to Judas Maccabeus? And how would they know what to pray for?


Also The early Christian believe in praying in the soul of the dead. Look it at at the topic Purgatory


Also they are body movement that tells her that she’s lying like eye twitching on the left side, constant blinking and fake smile


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