Any Protestants here that likes some of the Apocryphas/Deuterocanonicals?

Jesus only mentioned 24 of the OT books, and the entire NT only mentions 34. So, this is a really bad argument to disprove the deuterocanical books because it includes some of the protocanical books.

We also have to remember that the oldest complete Bible we have in one volume is the Latin Vulgate finished in the late 4th century by St Jerome. Jerome was ordered by the Pope to assembly all of the original manuscripts and fragmented writings into one single volume translated into Latin. The Vulgate of course includes the deuterocanical books as being equal as the protocanical books.

Finally, there are/were many Jews who viewed the deuterocanical books as divine. There were/are some who do not on the basis that they weren’t originally written in Hebrew. This is partly a cultural issue of the Jews accepting books written in a Gentile language. Also, it is interesting to note that some of the deuterocanical books were found in Hebrew among the Dead Sea Scrolls - but I’m not entirely sure of their age.

Maybe the Confessional Lutherans are more accepting - I have been a member of the LCMS since 1982, attended a synodical school for 4 years, and taught in LCMS schools for 7 years - we have never discussed or studied any of these books. I do want to read them and find out what they are about.

God bless!


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