Any Ramones fan here?

Hi I’m a Ramone fan since '81:) I’m not an avid fan but i always loved their songs. Recently I’ve been watching some of the documentaries of them and became more of a fan. I’m just kinda curious if anyone knows thier religious affiliations (they’re probably non-religious though), I tried some research and I only know that Joey is Jewish as for the rest there’s nothing.

Ramones first album is definitely one of my all time favorites. Don’t know anything about them but would doubt that they are particularly religious. At least, um, based on their early albums.

Just from what i gathered so far, in some of Dee Dee’s interviews during the time that he was sober, he does thank God and of course at the rock and roll induction Johnny did say God bless president Bush and God bless America, so they’re not exactly atheist/agnostic but definately secularist.

Count me as a Ramones fan. Of course, it’s obvious, when you consider that my latest parody album’s title is a parody of, perhaps the Ramones’ seminal song: I Wanna Be Debated.

I know very little about them, however, except that I know a little about the 70’s CBGB scene, and many of my favorite artists come from that era (Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, Patty Smith…and by extension, The Clash, R.E.M., and U2…)


Gabba gabba hey!

Love the Ramones, and have done since the late 70s when I was at school (gosh it was such a long time ago!)

Love the Ramones…(CBGBs alumni here, but now my age is showing).


The Ramones has been one of my favourite groups, and I still listen to them now. Also a big fan of The Clash. :smiley:

just updating their religous affiliation a bit:D Tommy is also Jewish, his parents are holocaust survivors, C.J. went to Catholic school, so he might be a Catholic, DeeDee is half German he might be a Lutheran, Johnny is Irish ancestry he might be Catholic, well at the end of the day they’re more likely secularist. But it don’t matter to me cause i love them:D

RIP Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny. Ramones fan all over the world misses you.

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