Any recommended places to visit in Louisiana?

I am traveling through Louisiana soon and am stopping in New Orleans to check out the city. Does anybody here have any recommendations to visit in the state? Also, since this is CAF, any recommended churches or holy sites?


@CajunJoy65 should know.

If I myself were going, I’d stop here. Our Lady of Prompt Succor is the patron of New Orleans

Also, while it’s super touristy, I do like the beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde, especially in the middle of the night.


I’ll definitely stop at the national shrine.

Cafe Du Monde. Good brand of coffee. I love chicory coffee and Cajun food.

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I tend to be a fan of any place that’s open in the middle of the night. They’re getting scarcer and scarcer.

It will take a little searching. It isn’t in the tourist area of New Orleans, but seek out a restaurant named “Jacques Imo’s.” You will be glad you did.

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I’d say check out some of the really old cathedrals in south Louisiana. Be wary. Baton rouge and New Orleans are dangerous cities. Most of Louisiana is dangerous.

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Yeah, I was going to say, if you go to New Orleans, be careful you don’t go off the beaten path, and watch yourself in and around the Quarter.

To a degree, there is one neighborhood not far from the French Quarter to avoid, even in the daytime, but my experience doing relief work for two summers after Katrina, is that most of the neighborhoods are unique, welcoming, and quite different than some of the tourist areas. The area just south of South Claiborne and east of Napoleon should be avoided day and night. If you see shoes tied together hanging from power lines, get out of there fast. It is how gangs mark territory.

Has Cajunjoy been posting recently? I haven’t noticed any posts recently. The same with another active poster Scarletnydal spelling might not be correct.

Cajun was last on Jan 7. I thought maybe she took a vacation break? I hope everything is okay.
Scarlet hasn’t been on since before Christmas, again maybe a vacation break or a New Year’s resolution?


Thanks. It’s just when active posters all of a sudden stop posting, like you said we hope everything is ok or maybe they are just taking a break like we all need sometimes.

Just in case CajunJoy doesn’t make it over to this thread, I’m pretty sure she would recommend the National Shrine of Blessed Francis X Seelos, who was a Redemptorist missionary and is one of the few US beatis. She often mentions having Masses said at this shrine.

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