Any "roadies" out there?


My husband is making the switch from mountain biking to road biking and we just bought him a Trek Madone 6.9 with all the accessories! He’s been wanting to do this for years and is very excited! We’re also going to get me a lower-end Trek so I can ride with him. I’ve never been a cyclist, but I think I’ll enjoy it. There are lots of beautiful roads here in TN for us to ride on, and lots of bike races for us to participate in.

Anyone else bike? Do you bike with your spouse?


I started cycling years ago in high school, well before the era of the mountain bike. After being on the losing end of a confrontation with a car combined with heading off to college, my affinity for the road dwindled.

In the mid-nineties I was introduced to mountain biking and became somewhat of a fanatic and would do nothing but off-road riding. I even developed a bit of counter-snobbery toward my roadie brethren. :smiley:

After moving to Nebraska several years ago, near an extensive network of paved trails where one can go for dozens of miles no where near roads, I began to rethink my prejudice. As my body becomes less forgiving of the rigors of off-road riding, I find time spent on the road bike to be very enjoyable (apart from the ever-present midwestern wind).

Unfortunately my wife does not share my passion for cycling, but that’s okay. Not everything in a marriage needs to be a joint activity - but that’s a whole different thread.


I lived in NE for quite a while when I was younger - Millard/Omaha/Dundee. I still remember sledding down the hill at Memorial Park (and my Dad pulling me back up as I relaxed in my saucer). Good times!

We have miles of back country roads here in TN and DH is itching to get out on them. Bike should be here in less than 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’ll share his passion for cycling, but I will definitely appreciate the exercise I get while riding! I’ve never ridden a road bike before and am anxious to see how it feels. DH got clip shoes for his Madone, but I’m going to stick with regular pedals and the shoe covers.


I’m in Bellevue. Not sure how long ago you were in the area, but the network of paved trails in the metro is extensive. Starting about a mile from my house, I can make it all the way out past 680/Dodge without getting near a road. Not the most scenic riding in the world, but lots of options.

Good luck!


I bike, mostly to commute to work, about 11 miles each way a day. I love the road, but I tried mountain biking last winter - definitely NOT a fan. Cycling doesn’t give you the chance to talk the way walking does, or even like running, but it is fun to do together. You can at least share breaks.


So that’s why DH’s encouraging me to do this with him :smiley:

We went mountain biking on our honeymoon (Lake Tahoe). It was okay, except for the part when I had to walk my bike thru a large, muddy puddle because halfway thru my wheels stopped turning! It was definitely a high-impact workout.

It’s great that you bike to work! I’m learning that cyclists have a different sense of distance than those of us who predominantly walk/run because to me 11 miles is a long way!


If he wants to cycle, he probably just wants you to share the joy of it with him.

I’ve definitely been noticing my sense of distance changing. Of course, I started biking every day when I had a 5 mile commute. Since it was already the form of transportation I knew, a few more miles didn’t seem to matter. Of course, once you go so far, you mess with driving distances, and it puts a new perspective on those too! I regularly do 30 mile rides. I like to think it’s a taste of what it was like to travel before the automobile.


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