Any Russian speaking people out there?


I’m looking for a good, moral, interesting Russian book for our 12 year old daughter. We adopted her from Ukraine and her native tongue is Russian. She has only been here 6 months and she is starting to have trouble remembering her Russian. We thought a few good books will help her maintain her ability to speak and read Russian. Problem is, we don’t know Russian and, therefore have no idea what the contents of any book may contain. Any good reads would be appreciated!!!


where do you live? you might want to contact your local history museum or library, or local university language department, because they are likely to know where other Russian-speaking people reside in your area, and to find Russian speakers who can recommend literature. Also look for a Ukranian Catholic or Orthodox Church for the same reason.


Can’t go wrong with the classics–Pushkin, Tolstoy, etc. Actually, I may have some books left over from when I actually cared about Russian. PM me.


bjj, have you considered learning Russian? Maybe an online course or something at a local college? It certainly would speak of your commitment to her.

It’s not an easy language to learn; you have to conjugate all the verbs and decline all the nouns, but you have a live-in native speaker to help you.

Just a thought.


Oh, my husband and I have tried the language several times and I cannot roll my tongue. We were there this last time for 6 weeks and I believe I was only able to pick up a total of two words. My other children would literally roll around the floor laughing when I tried speaking to them. Nice thought, but it isn’t going to happen.


Yeah, I never could roll my Rs either.

I took a one year intensive Russian course in the Army.

At a certain point, one of the instructors told me, 'Paul, when you leave you here, you will know three languages. You know English; you are learning Russian, but, unfortunately, it is all Greek to you!"

Gee, thanks a lot!


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