Any Sacred Heart Fans?


I was wondering how many Sacred Heart fans are here, so I thought I’d ask has anyone ever kept the First Friday Devotions?




I’ve been going to our parish’s First Friday Masses for the past two years, but I have yet to do the 9 consecutive First Friday Masses. On occasion, a Mass had to be canceled, or a family activity made it impossible to go. I’ve started again, and I’m hoping this time, I will be able to make it.

We’ve also had the Sacred Heart enthroned in our home. This devotion to the Sacred Heart is something my mom has passed down to me, but I didn’t pay attention until my reversion back to the Faith 3 years ago.


I’m practicing the Sacred Heart devotion right now. I think I just completed my fourth consecutive First Friday. If not, it’s the third- I’ll need to go calculate :).

I prayed that the Lord would allow my school schedule for the coming months to be free enough for me to continue the First Fridays, and for the next quarter, the Fall quarter, it certainly is :). I just hope the Winter quarter is too. If it isn’t, I’ll have to scramble to find a nearby church that offers these devotions at a different time of day! I hope I don’t have to deal with that.

I really want to successfully complete the 9 months part of devotion. I know it’ll be easier right now, while I’m a student, than it would probably be in the future, so I’ve got to make the most of this time.

By the way, the question is only about people who have completed all 9 months, not people who are presently working on it, correct? Just to make sure :).


By the way, I have a question about the devotion to the Sacred Heart.

I found these requirements for fulfillment of the devotion on a blog:

In order to complete the requirements to complete the Nine Consecutive First Friday Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the following must be achieved: Every First Friday of each month for Nine Consecutive Months:

  1. Make Communion at the First Friday Mass

  2. Complete a Good Confession with a priest within 8 days before or after the First Friday of each month.

Note: A soul in the state of mortal sin must complete Confession within 8 days prior to going to Communion on the First Friday.

  1. Complete an additional hour of prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in front of the Blessed Body and Blood of Christ (in side of the church) between 11am-12pm on the Thursday preceding the First Friday of the month. (The required Sacred Heart prayers are included in the Previous Page). The hour of prayer is referred to as Holy Hour or the Hour of Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

  2. Complete the above requirements every First Friday for nine consecutive months.

  3. Complete the Devotion to atone for mankind’s sins of blasphemy and severe disobedience which offend the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  4. Complete this devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus with great belief in His Promise of Final Repentance and the other promises associated with the devotion.

My question is as follows:

I’ve been involved in the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for a three months now, attending Mass on the first consecutive Fridays. However, when I researched this devotion from several good Catholic websites focused completely on the Sacred Heart, I did not see anything about the requirement that we participate in Confession within 8 days of each First Friday. Nor did I see any reference to a requirement that we attend Holy Hour on Thursday, though I did see it recommended. Nor did I see anything at all about the Holy Hour being required to be between 11:00 and 12:00. I also did not see anything about “required” Sacred Heart prayers, though there were several recommended.

This blog presents a heap of requirements for how exactly to take the Sacred Heart devotion that I hadn’t seen mentioned at all on any of the websites devoted to the Sacred Heart that I perused when initially considering entering the devotion.

Please note that I’m not saying these requirements are bad. I just would like to know if they’re real or not. Are these really required elements of the devotion to the Sacred Heart? Or is the devotion looser in format than that, with the First Fridays required, but the Holy Hour (and Holy Hour timing), specific prayers and Confession (and its time zone) perhaps recommended, but optional?

I did see Holy Hour and several prayers recommended on the other sites I went to, though not required. I’ve been trying to do those. I haven’t thought of them as mandatory, though, and I’d like to know if they are or not. If they are, I’ll pretty much have to start over :D.


About 8 years ago I made the First Friday Devotion along with my family. We also made the First Saturday devotion as well. I would love to do it again. 9 consecutive weeks seems like a long time but you get used to it if you go every Friday.


Sacred Heart devoted since childhood:thumbsup:


I fell in love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus after I read the diary of Saint Margaret Mary, and again when I read Behold This Heart Which Has So Loved Men, and a third time when I read the diary of Saint Faustina. And many other times too. The Human-Divine Heart of Jesus is so full of Love and Mercy! :love: :love: :love: :love:


I tried to do the Sacred Heart Devotion, but Satan got in the way. I know that’s a sorry excuse.


ooops! Thank you Lief - I guess I shoulda given four responses to the pole! I didn’t even think about it. Sorry.

I am currently keeping the 9 First Fridays. This past Friday was Friday number 2. I had the Sacred Heart Enthroned in my home shortly after becoming Catholic, but later on I found this is actually very elaborate and can include (optimaly) having Mass said in your home by the Enthroning Priest along with family members, neighbors, etc.

I am following the instructions in the book The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Jean Croiset, S.J. which is actually very old. The one I have is a re-print of the original with very minor changes. The original was first publish in 1694 at Lyons. If you can find it use it. Check Tan Publishers I think they’ve republished it faithfully without rewriting the whole thing. The publisher of the copy I have is International Institute of the Heart of Jesus and they have translated it from the original French of 1694. it is very good. In fact I think some who know consider Father Croiset’s book the best on the subject.

I’m experiencing an outpouring of grace and I know it is the Sacred Heart Devotions. Cool.




I’d like to know myself if the extra requirements are real especially requirement 3. My prayer book does have something on the Sacred Heart and the First Fridays but nothing about the ones on confession and no. 3. (However, I go to monthly confession on Thursday before First Friday routinely so no prob on no. 2.

On No. 3, it seems to me a little odd though since it can only be done on only one day in each month (Thursday before FF) and only at a specific hour. Not to mention finding a church that has adoration at that specific time and day. It seems to me this one can be harder than doing the First Friday themselves.

I found a blog where you got these (I think) but the specific prayers that need to be said at Holy Hour doesn’t seem to be there. Now I’m confused.


I’ve become very doubtful that the blog writer was correct. The requirements, except for the first 9 consecutive Fridays (which I already knew about and have been practicing), just don’t show up on any of the big Sacred Heart devotion websites.

I would like to know for sure, though.


Ok, I managed to find a book about the Sacred Heart in a Catholic Bookstore. I didn’t get the impression these were part of the Nine First Friday themselves. Rather, “requirement 3” is part of suggested practices for devotion to the Sacred Heart in general.

This was because St. Margaret Mary was commanded by Our Lord to do the Holy Hour at 11-12 midnight not only in reparation for blasphemies and ingratitude but also because of the time His apostles could not stay one hour with Him on the night before His Passion as He Himself complained about then.

Hope this helps.


It does :).


Well, for me today is Confession, Holy Hour and some meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This will be my 3rd month doing this. Had to dodge a snare yesterday that threatened to re-arrange my whole schedual! Oh well. Priorities won!




Oh dear. Won’t be finishing the Sacred Heart Devotion this year. Went to Adoration. Prayed the Holy Hour of Reparation. Went to Confession. Then went to the stupid store for smokes and ta da! More porno still on their shelves. Went off on some of the emploees of the store and tried to involve some of the other patrons of the store in my little ***** but no takers. And no I don’t know how to do a citizens arrest. But did so without foul language. Then tried reading the meditation from the book on the bus on the way home. Then prayed a bunch. But was still very angry. Then ooops almost ripped the door off the hinges when I got here! No more opening doors with my left. The anger is almost abated. Rats!




I currently have an image of the Sacred Heart as screensaver on my mobile phone - so I guess you could call me a Sacred Heart tragic :wink:

Two images of SHJ in the house and all - though I’m also yet to complete a whole cycle of nine First Fridays, please God I will soon though.


I remember trying to attempt the Nine First Fridays (Fifth month) a year ago and just before I was heading to Mass, someone offered me a chip and I ate it. Then I remembered the Eucharistic Fast and ARRGH! There was no way communion would be offered an hour after that chip. The First Friday Masses here are pretty quick and they hand out communion a half hour after it starts.

Watch out for sneaky snacks. Nowadays, I avoid eating after lunch on a FF so it never happens again.


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