Any saints born out of wedlock?


Does anyone know?
Are there any saints born out of wedlock? Illegitimate? Without a Daddy to claim?


St. Louise De Marillac.

Born illegitimate, St. Louise (1591-1660) became a great apostle of charity. Together with St. Vincent de Paul she established permanent institutions to put haphazard works of charity onto a stable footing–hospitals, child care institutions, homes for the aged, care for those in prison and on the battlefield, psychiatric centers and home nursing care. Impr. 144 pgs, PB

St. Martin de Porres

“Father unknown” is the cold legal phrase sometimes used on baptismal records. “Half-breed” or “war souvenir” is the cruel name inflicted by those of “pure” blood. Like many others, Martin might have grown to be a bitter man, but he did not. It was said that even as a child he gave his heart and his goods to the poor and despised.

He was the illegitimate son of a freed woman of Panama, probably black but also possibly of Native American stock, and a Spanish grandee of Lima, Peru. He inherited the features and dark complexion of his mother. That irked his father, who finally acknowledged his son after eight years. After the birth of a sister, the father abandoned the family. Martin was reared in poverty, locked into a low level of Lima’s society … (continued at link below)


I know this sounds silly but it sure is good to know that God allows equal opportunity for holiness to the even most rejected and unloved.

“Father unknown” is the cold legal phrase sometimes used on baptismal records.

How would a baptismal record record ‘father unknown’ today? The same?


a baptismal certificate issued today simply leaves the line for the father blank if the mother or the birth certificate does not supply the name.

if the civil authority requires her to name the father in order to apply for public assistance, and a new birth certificate is issued, the parish can amend the baptismal record and add the father’s name. the same if the mother later marries, the father legally adopts the child, the name change is recorded civilly, and that record used to update the baptismal record.


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