Any Sandman fans?

I’m currently ready to start book 5, and I’m loving this series! Anyone else here ever read the Sandman graphic novels?

I’ve read the first three volumes of the “Sandman library” (Preludes & Nocturnes, The Doll’s House, Dream Country) and I have “The Dream Hunters” graphic novel in hardcover format. I’m a mythology buff, so to me, Neil Gaiman is an evil genius! :smiley:

Some of the stories are quite disturbing, but others are heartbreaking and some are just plain awesome. My favourite part so far has been the duel between Dream and Choronzon in Preludes and Nocturnes (and not just because of the David Bowie-esque Lucifer, either lol).

I read all of them when they were oiriginally published a single issues and Gaiman was becoming famous within the industry for this work. As a matter of interest there are several spin off series. The best to my mind is Lucifer which uses the Lord of Hell as we saw him in Sandman but in his own series which ran (like Sandman) for 75 issues. Also of interest are the two Death mini-series. The Dream Hunters graphic novel Lokabrenna mentions is well worth a read to.

If you enjoy this work I have some more suggestions for you. Alan Moore’s ‘Swamp Thing’ run. Gaiman was plainly to an extent drawing upon Moore as an influence early on in Sandman, but found his own unique voice after a short while.

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