Any sites or books for biblical commentaries?

So I was looking for books for a deeper understanding of scripture I found one on amazon but it only covers the new testament.

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament by scott hahn

The above is really worth the money

Does anyone have any suggestion or websites that could help me out?

I’d say the best is the Navarre Bible. You can buy it in parts. I don’t think the old testament is complete yet but it is definitely worth the money. It is quite pricey though.

Yes, it is excellent, but only covers the NT.

Try and search Catholic Bible Commentaries for examples, then google titles to purchase the paper versions on line.

Good luck!

I love the Ignatius Study Bible. I also recommend Haydock’s Bible Commentary for an older, highly orthodox commentary on all of scripture. I don’t think it is currently in print, but the 1859 version is online at the link below. It has been great in my studies!

In addition to the Haydock Commentary, here is a link to the Catena Aurea, which was St. Thomas Aquinas’ collection of the commentaries of the Church Fathers on the Gospels.

The Haydok Bible and commentary is in print. It is pretty expensive. I have one and I like it very much.

Would you mind sending a link to the one you have? Much thanks. :slight_smile:



I have mine for years. It is in 2 books. The NT and the OT. Since then they have published it in one volume. I am sorry I don’t have a site for you. All I remember is that I bought it from a site that sells Catholic books and it was around $100.00.

Have you tried Amazon?

The Anchor Bible series of commentaries is excellent. It takes a purely Biblical scholarship approach. Each book of the Bible has its own Anchor Bible commentary done by a single scholar. Some of the commentaries are out of print but can be found on used book sites.

The Ignatius Study Bible is a Great study bible with lucid and clear bible commentary.
Although considerably more expensive, the Navarre Study Bible is even better.
There is also the Haydoc bible commentary.

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