Any soccer fans on here?

I’m a big fan of football and wondering if anyone on this forum is a fan as well.

What is your favorite team? Mine our Real Madrid of La liga & Chelsea of EPL

And your predictions for UEFA 2013 champions? Mine is Real Madrid!****

Man U! Man U! :love:

Manchester United!

Manchester born and bred!

I don’t think Chelsea have a chance at the EPL to be honest.

It’s going to be United beating City to the championship.

Manchester United F.C.!The greatest football club on God’s green earth!

As long as you don’t support Liverpool,there’s a chance we could be mates!:smiley:

Me too- Manchester born and bred!:yup:

Italy!! :thumbsup: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If anyone watches Italian soccer… my favorite team is Lazio!

Only my son’s Catholic High school team! :smiley:

But I have heard of Man U, and for Italy–Roma!

Unlike most American sports fans, I really enjoy soccer. I had a great time watching the World Cup, love watching the Olympics, the Euro cup and I am looking forward to the Premier League beginning!

It really is a great sport to watch. I was like most American sports fan too and wasn’t open minded about other sports outside the country :slight_smile:

A lot of MAN U fans here. I like watching MAN U play as well!

Mancs? We can talk after you win two more European Cups…

(Well, at least we can share love of Christ and His Church…)

Liverpool FC!!!

Am a Celtic FC supporter as well. Glad to see Rangers back where they belong.

Don’t bother telling me LFC have no chance at winning the Premiership this season… I am already too painfully aware of that.

That’s a facht!:thumbsup:

I don’t know where I went wrong! I fed my children the love and appreciation of THE MOST WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL MAN U, but my 4 children ended up supporting, starting from the eldest down. 1; Chelsea. 2; Arsenal, 3; Liverpool!

There’s still hope for my 2 year old to support Man U. :confused:

Liverpool FC fan here!!!

They are not as good as they were 2-3 years ago when they realistically had a chance of winning the title.

Hard times have fallen on the club…they are in a rebuilding phase…best we can hope for is a top 5 finish. But great club with great history…been following them since 1999


Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone

YNWA - unless you get sacked.:stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s a facht!

The best pass I ever saw in a football match was in the 98-99 season,F.A. cup semi-final against Arsenal when Patrick Vieira passed a beautiful ball to Ryan Giggs.:smiley:

I think your best chance was when you guys were runners-up to Man Utd a few years back.You guys had the precision,vision and consistency of Xabi Alonso then,if memory serves me correctly.Outstanding player.

If this upcoming season in the EPL is close and exciting as last seasons, I don’t mind who wins :wink:

Another “good” pass was Gerrard’s backpass to Drogba!:mad:

Good to see that there are some soccer fans on the other side of the Atlantic as well.

I’m a Feyenoord fan myself.

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