Any Spiritual Journal-ers Here?

If so, do you follow a format, a basis for your entries?

Mine is something like

-things I am grateful for today
-Reflection on the Daily Readings
-Reflections on the book of the bible through which I am working at the time
-Reflection from another book (Saint’s life, devotional)
-Look back at my journal entry from a year back
-General inercessions/journaling/worries/'talking to God"

Mine is nearly always some new insight or account of an inspired event.
I used to have to write reflections for the school, and I just don’t anymore.

Since 1977.

I have tried different things including the Ira Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop. But I prefer a free for all. I just write whatever I feel like. Things of a more poetic of prayerful nature I indent. It has been my therapist. I now have a stack of them in my closet. It is sometimes interesting to go back 20 years or even to the beginning.

Max, you sound like a regular Thomas Merton !
I do jot poetry …
even then, though, I don’t have the time to really create -
not to mention to reread - reflect - and fine tune.
So it has to be a pretty good thing that strikes me -
esp. if I’m to remember it hours later, near a notebook.

But I do have some quality stuff.

A word of warning. Be careful not to post on internet.
I totally lost most of my major things - when someone’s website crashed -
I hadn’t bother to have any second copy, back up -
JOB - the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. :neutral_face:

Ha, you really overstate my journaling quality. But thank you

I’ve been spiritual journaling since the beginning of my religious formation. It is regularly prescribed by superiors to help develop spiritual dialogue among aspirants to the religious life… I tried following a format in the beginning, but I all too often found myself trying to force it. Mainly I just transcribe my interior dialogue with the Lord onto the page. I’ve found that if I try to force it, many times it was not the Holy Spirit speaking onto the page, but my own pride as to what I wanted to write.

I use to journal, but years of teaching high school English destroyed my love for a journal. Kept wanting to correct the writing. I am glad you all are doing this to improve your lives.

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