Any Stallone fans

Any Stallone fans here? I realize the guy is no saint. However I find his personal beliefs as of today very outstanding for a Hollywood figure. He seems to take his faith and beliefs more seriously then Schwarzenegger, who I find hard to take seriously anymore.

Anyhow I am a bit depressed with the whole Expendables thing. I wish he’d try to get back into making good films. I know he is very capable as a script writer, with Rocky probably being his best screenplay. I also think he can be a great actor when he puts his mind to it.

The whole Expendables thing is a great idea IMHO. What could be more fun then uniting all the old action stars. Thing is I think he should try using 80s style filming. Get rid of any CGI and only use real effects. Get rid of the whole shaky cam style of filming. Most importantly get a good story down that doesn’t revolve around action.

Looking at his most enjoyable films the ones with more story and less action were certainly the best. Only one person died in the first Rambo film, yet it was far more engaging then all the sequels. Same with the Rocky movies. They just went on a downward spiral falling into less story and more action.

I just think the Expendables had so much wasted potential. Of course that’s true with a lot of films but being the Stallone fan I am this one is a bigger deal to me. I guess all the typecasting and studio pressure he gets really effects what he can do though.

I’ll probably see the Expendables 2 just to see Schwarzenegger on the big screen. :smiley:

That new film he is doing with Schwarzenegger “The Tomb” looks interesting though.:cool:

I was never big on him as an actor…but he proved himself a great writer and director when he came out with Staying Alive in the 80s…

I’ve always liked Stallone as a writer and director and sometimes as an actor. I think he’s actually gotten back to his roots with some of his last movies. They have depth but at the same time there is a playfulness in them. I’m thinking about the last Rambo and Rocky movies specifically, but also the Expendables which is an amalgamation of his “action” characters. Stallone was deeply involved with these movies and each one provide a good “final chapter” for these iconic characters. It’s like he’s giving each one a dignified send off.

I really enjoyed the very first and the last Rocky movies. But I thought that his acting was really good in Copland. I also enjoy his self-deprecating humor when I have seen him being interviewed. :wink:

He was funny as Weaver alongside Woody Allen in “Antz”.

Only movie I’ve seen that he has directed is the newest Rambo film, which I thought was decent.

I have yet to see the last Rocky as I am trying to view them in order. I yet have Rocky 5 and 6 to watch. Rocky 4 was pretty atrocious lol. I enjoyed the latest Rambo film. I liked how he tried to stay more realistic unlike Rambo 2 and 3 which were really over the top. I thought it was a bit more violent then it needed to be though.

Yea I agree. I thought he was great in First Blood as well. Another one I liked is Nighthawks, one of his lesser known films.

I think you will like this one.:thumbsup:

Ok, I will admit, Rambo was cool. I didn’t like the Rocky ones though…not a big boxing fan I guess.

Yea I’ve never understood boxing. Its pretty boring to watch. Same with MMA and all that. No offense to anyone who likes that kind of stuff though. :smiley:

Of course they make it a lot more interesting in the films although I often wonder why Rocky never learned to block punches lol.

Guess I am into the whole fitness scene so it probably appeals to me partly because of that.

I love the Rocky series (even though I have only seen Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, and Rocky 80s)

:rotfl: I know I’ve always wondered that too! I would watch the film saying “Dang Rocky at least duck the punches instead of going towards them”

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