Any Star Gate fans out there?

Someone on the Heroe’s thread was lamenting the fact that there is not a thread for star gate fans, so I’m starting one :slight_smile:

So if there are any Catholics out there who like it, we can discuss it here. The show has taken an interesting turn in the past year that I havent’ particularly liked and I’m interested to see what other people say about it.

on a lighter part of the discussion, who’s your fave charactor? I miss Jack and Hammond of Texas.

Anyway, I hope I get some good responses.

do you like Atlantis?

My husband and I are huge fans of both Stargates. I think the original jumped the shark when they defeated the Go’a’uld, however that’s spelled. The Ori are creepy and interesting, but it just hasn’t been the same.

We’re really into Atlantis, though. That took awhile to get going, with all the set up needed, but we’re really enjoying it now.

I used to watch it all the time about two years ago or so, it was awesome and how could you not have a crush on Amanda Tapping!:smiley:

Its taken some wierd turns as of late and IMO its run its course and will end soon.

Big Stargate fan here.

I think what I like about the two Stargate series is that they don’t take themselves too seriously but still somehow manage to capture the scifi spirit.

It’s hard not to miss Jack O’Neil and General Hammond (thank goodness they make occasional appearances) but it’s hard not to like Cam, Vala, and Landry. I miss Doctor Frasier too. Fortunately my beloved Daniel is still around.

The Ori definitely are creepy. I didn’t like them at all at first. But I think it’s gotten more interesting this last season. Too bad it actually is the last season. Stupid SciFi channel. (Well, at least they are smart enough to broadcast the reruns which I often watch.) I hope they will make more than just the two DVD movies.

One of my favorite SG:SG-1 episodes (I think it’s a lot of people’s favorites) is Window of Opportunity where Jack and Teal’c get caught in the time loop. I think just about every scifi show does a ‘groundhog day’ episode eventually but SG-1’s was the best ever. Great lines too when Jack says about Malakai, “What kind of archaeologist carries a gun?” And Daniel replies, “Uh, I do.”

I watch Atlantis too. But I’m not quite so invested in the characters. Colonel Carter is supposed to be moving to Atlantis next season. How’s she going to be able to stand being around Rodney all the time?

My hubby is SO excited that Sam will be on Atlantis!

Do ya’ll remember the first time she met Rodney? They were trying to stop the black hole and she say something and he said, “Oh, I just have a thing for dumb blonds” he called her dumb! Oh she was so mad. LOL!

Oh yea, I love the “ground hog day” episode, also. I love it when Jack hands Hammond his resignation and says, “so I can do this” and he kisses carter. LOL!

One of my favorite episodes was the one where they go back to 1969! (I think that was the year anyway). I love it when they are being interrogated by the people at missle sylo and he says his name is James T. Kirk! I’m a huge star trek fan too and I just cracked up at that :slight_smile:

Me! :thumbsup:

Though I am way behind the rest of you, probably. Over the past not-quite three years I have watched the first 7 seasons on DVD. Started out renting through Netflix, then found out my friend Krista from Catholic Alumni Club is a fan. Krista offered to loan me her DVDs and that is how I’ve seen the series from season 3 onward. I might start season 8 this weekend.


Me!! Huge SG-1 and Atlantis fan, here!!
I love the interaction between McKay and Sheppard.

Actually in an alternate universe on a recent episode, Sam and Rodney were married(and then divorced) remember??

I miss Jack and Hammond, too But I like Cam and Vala as well.
I miss Lt. Ford from the earlier Atlantis episodes.

Huge Atlantis fan. I love Rodney McKay. He is my absolute favorite character. Not much of a SG-1 fan anymore though still watch them. Vala is so funny (and watching Claudia Black play a character that is so different from Aeryn Sunn on Farscape is fun).

My favorite scene from “Window of Opportunity” is when Jack and Teal’c are playing golf through the Stargate. Best Jack line from that ep is in response to Hammond’s “What the hell are you doing Colonel?” “In the middle of my backswing.”

Jack has a lot of great lines. So do Rodney and Sheppard.

Carson Beckett: We’re in another galaxy. How much more out can you get?

"No Man’s Land"
Mckay: Their operating system is a mess. Thank goodness I remember DOS. (pause) Trust me that was hilarious.

"Hide and Seek"
Weir: I’m still trying to understand how you thought it was a good idea to test this device by having someone throw you off a balcony
McKay: Oh believe me, that’s not the first thing we tried
Sheppard: I shot him… in the leg! (I just love the look on his face because he so smug).

Sheppard: I’m just saying that if we’re taking a page from the John Sheppard book of computer repair, we’re really desperate.

Not all, but a few of my favorite lines.

Best Stargate Prank:

I love that shephard line about computers, too. I was thinking the exact same thing when he said it, “hey, that’s how I fix my computer.” LOL!

I’ve really taken to Jack’s faimous line, “oh for cryin’ out loud” I say that a lot at work when I get frustrated with someone. I also like to say, “indeed” :slight_smile:

The interaction between McKay and Sheppard is definitely a highlight of Atlantis. I like how they’ve kind of gotten to be buddies even though at first I think they did (and sometimes still do) really got on each others nerves. Of course McKay gets on everybody’s nerves.

David Hewlett and Amanda Tapping are supposed to be good friends in real life. I really liked the episode when McKay’s sister came to Atlantis and we met the alternate universe “Rod”.

Lt. Ford seems to show up every now and again. I haven’t heard whether he’ll be around next season or not. It’ll be nice if he shows up some more.

Another funny scene from Window of Opportunity is when Jack and Teal’c learn to juggle. I like how Daniel starts out explaining the meaning of the markings on the alien device but eventually Jack and Teal’c end up teaching Daniel.

The episode where they go back to 1969 is definitely another funny one. The major who first questions the team must not have been much of a television watcher because he didn’t know who Captain James T. Kirk was… Naturally he didn’t know who Luke Skywalker was.

What did everyone think of the 200 episode of SG-1? I thought it was a little uneven in some places but parts of it were hilarious. I loved the puppet SG-1 team. I guess that was kind of making fun of Team America and the old Stingray and Thunderbirds shows. I like how they all fell down because their strings didn’t travel through the stargate. It was also funny when Cam says that they should just get a new guy to replace the lead who quit. It was definitely making fun of Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson.

Oh man, I loved that one! I was cracking up though the whole thing. I love it when hammond says, “Why isn’t the gat spinning? I would look cool if it was spinning. I’m the general here, make it spin d—it!” LOL! that was so funny. and the chevron guy was saying, “cheverone one has now…lit up!”

I can’t wait until that one is available on netflix 'cause I’m totally gonna watch it like three times so I can memorize all the funny lines :slight_smile: I’ma total geek.

who’s ya’ll favorite alian? I love thor for the good guys and my favorite bad guy (well girl actually) was the evil sam replicator. She was cool and really mean to danial.

oh and just one more piece of wisdom that I’ve picked up from star gate
"if you wait until the candle is lit, the meal was cooked a long time ago.":rolleyes:

Favorite alien villian: Ba’al
He’s evil and yet so charming. And a great dresser.

Favorite alien good guy: Bratac and Jacob Carter/Selmak
The way they interact with Jack is so fun to watch.

Big StarGate fans here. It just about broke my daughters heart when she found out they were cancelling.
We go around quoting all the time. One of our favorites was when Thor corrected Kinsey and raised his hand and said "Supreme Commander!"
My daughter keeps saying that they need to bring the cloned Jack back and have him lead a new team…with Cassie, Ry’ac, and all the other kids that came through at one time or another.


The SciFi channel ran the 1969 episode yesterday. I just caught the tail end of it. Just looking at their clothes was enough to crack me up.

I really like Thor too. And Bra’tac and Jacob/Selmak. There’re so many! How can I chose?

Ba’al is probably the most likable ‘bad’ guy. As far as creepy, I’d probably have to pick Annubis. On Atlantis I think Koyla is the best bad guy. Supposedly he was killed but I’ve heard he may somehow return. At least the actor.

It’s not always easy to decide who is good and who is bad sometimes, especially on Atlantis. People like Ford and Michael-the-sorta-Wraith aren’t clearly on either side. And you want Adria to turn out good for Vala’s sake.

Has anyone else noticed that the word, “Indeed,” is more common today? I can’t figure out if I just notice it more or if it’s just that I hang out with a lot of geeks.

You know those threads around the forums that occasionally show up asking what other websites/forums people visit? I never want to answer because the other posts mainly mention all these other Catholic and Christian websites. I’m too embarassed to say that I mostly visit websites for Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, the X-files, and other sci fi subjects. Oh yeah, and 24 too.

I’m with you. this is the only religious sight I go to. I’m mostly reading stuff about heroes, star gate and star trek. I used to be on the forrums all the time back in the day. is there a forum on the star gate site? I haven’t been on it much.

oh I love ba’al too. he’s hot! very sexy bad guy.

I really liked this one tok’rah chick (can’t rmember her name) she was in a couple of eps. she developed the “zatarg detector” and she was hot for O’Niell. one time, she came up to him and sam and said something like, “sam, your father wish you well and asks me to shake your hand and give Krnl O’Niell a big kiss for him.” LOL! I loved that line.

oh, a child star gate team would be so cool! maybe you should write some fan faction about it :slight_smile: I love to write star trek fan fiction. do any of ya’ll write star gate stories? or read them? are there any?

That would be Freya/Anise. (I’m not obsessed with the show, I promise:D )

oh, a child star gate team would be so cool! maybe you should write some fan faction about it :slight_smile: I love to write star trek fan fiction. do any of ya’ll write star gate stories? or read them? are there any?

I read Stagate Atlantis stories. That’s my next stop after this site.

Did anyone watch Atlantis last night??? I was completely shocked.

I know! I totally wasn’t expecting that!

(highlight text to view it.)

I’d heard that the actor and character were going to be leaving the series but I never expected they’d make it permanent by killing him off! I figured he’d just go back to earth or something. It’s like Elizabeth said, there was nothing bad you could say about Carson. He was such a nice guy. He was like a friendly Dr. Bones McCoy.

But the moment I saw him walking away from the explosive I knew what was coming. I just wasn’t sure if he’d be badly injured or killed. (How come you never see the memorial services for the poor guy who’s supposed to dispose of the explosive device in these kind of shows? The hazard suit that guy was wearing wouldn’t have done him much good.)

I really like Stargate SG-1 too! I don’t watch much Atlantis because I didn’t want to get hooked on another Sci-Fi series.

Have you read that the SG-1 cast is going to make a couple of SG-1 movies that are going direct to DVD? If they’re popular, they may make more.

Also Amanda Tapping is in an online series called Sanctuary (for all). So is the actor who plays Rodney. You have to pay to watch an episode. I haven’t paid but last time I looked there were four episodes.

Yes, but I wasn’t completly shocked. I don’t know how much I can say without a spoiler- but I had read several months ago on a sci-fi site that a change would be made to the cast(on Atlantis) in this season- with this person- but I was hoping it wasn’t so!! But I guess it is so!! kinda sad, really!

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