Any Star Gate fans out there?

I knew a couple of months ago that this would happen (I haven’t seen the actual ep as I don’t have cable). But they intend to bring the character back during the second half of season four. Go to for all the latest info on SG-1 and Atlantis. But if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t visit the website.

Also, the Santuary for All webisodes, the first four eps are up on YouTube for free.

SG-1 has three direct to DVD movies they are making. They have the first, Ark of the Covenant(I think that’s what it’s called) and Continuum finished or almost finished.

Now that I think about it, cast changes make sense, with the original series ending. I didn’t check out that website, as I don’t want any spoilers, but I am glad to hear they’ll bring him back. I did like the way the show ended. Maybe I’m a wimp, but it made me cry!

I teared up, too., I usually don’t during SGA or SG-1, but I did with this one.

It was a very moving episode, really.
There was some humor in there, too.
I loved the golf scene with Sheppard and Ronan- cracked me up.

I love! I think it’s much better than the MGM and SciFi channel sites. I don’t usually visit stargate forums though, so I can’t comment on those.

Is it three movies? I know about two. (The first is the Ark of Truth) That makes a total of three movies if you count the original with Kurt Russell and James Spader.

Speaking of the 1994 motion picture… I love it. and I never liked the TV show.

I didn’t like how the tv series became too much like “Star Trek” and not enough like “Lawrence of Arabia in Space” as was originally conceptualised with the film.

Is there any other fans of the original movie out there?

I hear Roland Emmerich plans to do a sequel one day! with Russell and Spader back in the lead roles!

I know, it was a great episode! DH and I really liked the way they brought in some new characters. The golf scene was fuuny!

It’s three, not including the original movie with Russell and Spader. I don’t remember the name of the third, though they might not have a name for the third yet.

And there’s supposed to be a third Stargate series coming out either in 2008 or 2009.

There’s also 2 new feature films in the pipeline with James Spader and Kurt Russell said to be returning. Dean Devlin, the producer, has started raising the funding, contacted the actors, and Roland Emmerich has expressed interest in returning to helm after he finishes “Babylon AD” if it pulls a big budget… which it probably will.

Devlin and Emmerich never liked or endorsed SG1 as “the sequel” and may end up “retconning” it in the film “contunity”.

Though I like the TV show, the parts that seem cribbed from Star Trek do bug me somewhat. Stargate has its own version of transporters, it has hyperspace, and now, in the season 8 two-part premiere that I watched Sunday night, something that seems very much like the “matter replicators” from Trek, that Thor’s ship uses to create a weapon that O’Neil later uses against the Replicators. Nevertheless, it has enough of its own unique story to keep my interest.

Hey there! A posting for Stargate on Catholic Answers, how refreshing and fun!

I am new to the thread, obviously, since you haven’t heard from me up to this point. My husband and I would rush home from whereever to catch Stargate SG-1. The year Daniel was off was not the best of years. When Jack left, neither one of us liked the show after that. All of them are great actors and had developed a certain synergy in that if one of them is removed, it takes something out of the show, in my opinion. Hammond of Texas is missed as well.

Stargate Atlantis had turned out very well when we last saw it. Unfortunately, we cannot get these programs right now. We also are just waiting for Battlestar season to end so we can get it on video. What is great about sci-fi is that it leaves so much to the imagination while the good programs, and this started with Star Trek in the 60s - the writers stay within the bounds of what is either scientifically proved OR feasible. I know that because a friend of mine’s father was working for an aircraft company which helped design the original Enterprise. And one of my favourite Stargate episodes is also the one in which Jack and T’ilk(sp?) were caught in the time loop. That was absolutely hillarious when the two of them were hitting golf balls into the the gate.



I dont know about any of you, but i really miss o neill. he was just so classic, and funny and dry in that cynical way, and frakly reminds me of my dad.
but i have to say, cameron is an invaluable addition to the team.
and he’s cute.
i haven’t seen this twist your talking about (im in australia, and i only get from the magazine) so dont ruin it for me, ok?!:smiley:
its nice to meet some stargat fans on here

I promise I won’t ruin anything for you. I am in the UK and although sattelite t.v. broadcasts it, we don’t have sattelite t.v. because we live in an historic house and they’d have to drill a hole through a wall. So I don’t get to watch them either. Well, there are always the end of season videos, and it’s worth it to live in a 400+ year old farm in the countryside :slight_smile:


Of course having said the above I realize that faster-than-light space travel is common to many sci-fi franchises, not just Trek and Stargate…

I guess since I’m a huge trek fan, I like some of the things that are almost the same. I also like the actor cross overs from trek. Q (John DeLancy) as that evil guy who’s name I can’t remember from the NID, The Doctor (Robert picardo) as the government red tape dude both have/had regualr appearances and always made me smile. I’ve also seen the woman who played Dianna Troy, Odo, T’Pol (as that totally cool Jafa chick) and a fiew other’s have one time roles. :slight_smile:

I heard that there were only going to be 2 DVD movies. when did that change?

Oh I was so sad to see you know who leave the show two weeks ago. made me cry. I missed this past episode because I was out of town. was it good? I’ll get to see it in a couple of weeks.

The original producer, Dean Devlin floated the idea of returning to Stargate last year. He contacted Russell and Spader and they are still interested in it. Then he entered talks with MGM.

It seems the ball has started rolling on Stargate 2…

weather it reaches the screen is another thing all together, but it’s on the table…

yeah, I had heard about that. but someone on here said that there are going to be 3 DVD movies comming out and I had only heard of two of them.

It’ll be wierd seeing the other actors playing O’Nielle and Jackson. Although I thought David Spader and Shanks kinda look alike. Maybe they both portray geeks so well!

The very last episode was on last night. I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed to leave some loose ends, which is to be expected if the series is going to be continued in movies.

:crying: :crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:

Sorta spoilerish*
Will Teal’c tell anyone what happened? Is Vala’s husband still alive? (Really… I don’t remember. If so, might she and Daniel actually have a future together?) Will the Stargate Crew figure out how to hide the Asgard coil’s detectable signature? Since Sam go to Atlantis how will that influence the movies? (I guess they managed to make that work for ST:TNG when they needed Worf back from DS9.) Is Daniel going to be in the second movie?!?!?!?!?! I haven’t seen Michael Shanks listed as part of the cast. :crying:

Where did you get that?

I miss O’neal and I miss Hammond. I wasn’t really into the series after they left. And then they brought in these Ori things, and I just didn’t care anymore.
I hate Atlantis.

I watched the last episode just cause it was the last episode.
Sam+Jack= Jam there is no Sam+Rodney, that’s just wrong (sorry, I am old school on this)

AS for fav characters: O’Neal cause he’s just that cool, and i love how he wanted to name things after Star Trek or Star Wars "I thought we were going with Red Leader on this one"
And I think the series lost it’s poke fun at other sci-fi series after he left.

I’ll prolly get all 10.5 seasons on DVD, just cause I am a nerd.

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