Any suggestions for an Online MA in Theology?


A little background …

I started teaching CCE about four years ago when I finished my MBA. I figured I “knew enough” about the faith (I’m a cradle-Catholic and my dad is a permanent Deacon.) What I didn’t remember, I could read the night before, right?!

God was gracious enough to let me know how big a fool I was/am. The Holy Spirit has filled my heart with a desire to learn more and more about the faith so that I can share it. I’ve purchased several books (Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic, Trent Horn’s Answering Atheism; Devin Rose’s Protestant’s Dilemma, and many others.)

These are great resources, but I think I desire for something more formal and less scatter-shot. I’ve actually contemplated the Diaconate, but I still need to properly discern that decision. Also, a new cycle is starting in our Diocese soon; therefore, I’ll wait until the next cycle starts in a few years.

Unfortunately money IS a concern. I’m not able to pay for a school that charges $3k-$4K a class. I’m looking for a relatively affordable program that will give me a Master’s level of understanding of our faith.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


I am currently looking into Saint Joseph’s in Maine. It is a legit accredited college and it seems affordable. I think about $300 a unit ($900 per course)

They have an established fully online program.


I checked out St.Joes as well when I was looking for an online college. Looks pretty good.


I have been looking at the program at Holy Apostles.


Franciscan University of Steubenville offers a distance learning MA in Theology:
I can’t find the exact figure, but I think it’s around $200 per credit ($600 per course).
It’s not entirely online; you would have to take 2 courses on campus.


Oh I wish it was $200 per credit!!!

It is actually $500 per credit, $1500 per course.


That page does not list the distance learning tuition. It’s supposed to be listed here:

The course I took back in March cost me a total of $640. I think the price has gone up, but there’s no way it’s gone up that much.


I’m not sure what else the "online division"would be other than distance learning?

Tuition - Online Division:

MBA (per credit hour) 500
per credit
MS Education (per credit hour) 400
per credit
MCAT (per credit hour)** 500
per credit
Undergraduate (per credit hour) 500
per credit


Franciscan has both a Distance Learning program and an online degree.

The Distance Learning program involves receiving recorded lectures that the student listens to at their own pace along with reading and written assignments that are submitted, graded, and then returned.

The Online Program is actually a completely unique degree. Rather than the regular Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry (available on campus and via Distance Learning), the online degree is a Master of Arts in Catechetics and Evangelization. This program is structured differently as it involves online components. This Fall 2014 semester is actually the first one. The program is just getting off the ground.

I imagine that accounts for the discrepancy in cost.


Ah that makes sense! Thanks for the info!


Sure. :slight_smile: It is kind of confusing because online learning is learning from a distance. :smiley: But FUS has had the distance learning program in place since long before the rise of online education. When it started, they were mailing people lectures on cassette tapes! :stuck_out_tongue: But with the advancement of technology, interactive online degrees are becoming in demand. And so now the options increase. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the great info!

They all appear to be good programs which I will continue to investigate.


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