Any suggestions for positive music?

seems every secular band i find writes either with a casual attitude toward sex or while drunk, etc. on the other hand. i like more breadth in the subjects of songs than 100% evangelism, praise, and such. would you recommend good, positive artists yourself (besides relient k) or maybe an online source of reviews from a conservative perspective? thanks much.

What style of music? Are you talking strictly rock/pop, or are you interested in other styles?

I like the band Third Day, they seem really good. I hope it helps.

The style of music does make a difference! I have been listening to more European music for maybe two years now, like techno sort of stuff. It's quite addictive, and 95% clean (there's some dirtier stuff obviously, just it's WAY less prevalent than in the states).

This is what I'm talking about(my favorites):
Morandi - Save Me <- This one has my favorite music video!
Edward Maya - Stereo Love
Sunlounger ft Zara - Lost <- A different type of techno called trance, you'll see why
Armin Van Buuren - In and out of Love <- Also a good video
And I'll send a bunch more if that's the sort of thing you're talking about.

The best thing is that you get the big business quality without as much garbage as American bands come up with.

Hope this helps :) God bless!

PS: What's cool is that studios in the US are starting to pick up on techno too... one of Europe's best, David Guetta, recently mixed a song for Akon (but sadly, still dirty :(). So if this is your sort of thing, you'll be the expert in a few years :D

movie soundtracks … the ones with no words in it…LOL
thats what i listen to, i like star wars, lord of the rings, and troy soundtracks:thumbsup:

[quote="Cat, post:2, topic:181803"]
What style of music? Are you talking strictly rock/pop, or are you interested in other styles?


doesn't much matter. if i don't like something, someone reading this later might

I would recommend taking a look at heavy metal music. :slight_smile:

There are certain sub-genres of metal that are quite bad (Nu metal, I’m looking in your direction :p), but some that are quite good. I’m a fan of progressive and power metal. Most of the lyrics are surprising clean and/or quite thought-provoking. Concept albums and rock operas are quite prevalent. Maybe 1% of the songs have anything to do with sex (which is a refreshing change of pace from the pop music scene!).

In regards to specifically Christian bands, I would recommend Theocracy and Saviour Machine. Theocracy has great Christian lyrics that are not at all cheesy (as some Christian music, unfortunately, is susceptible to much cheese), and it is symphonic power metal of the highest quality, to boot. They have two great albums out so far (and Christmas songs to downloadfree!). The Saviour Machine “Legend” trilogy of albums is quite remarkable. I’m still waiting for Legend III, Part II to finish off the series. They play a sort of orchestral, gothic, doom metal.

In the secular realm, there are many great bands that write some great lyrics. You can’t go wrong with Dream Theater. They define the prog metal genre. Standout albums are Scenes From a Memory, A Change of Seasons, and Images and Words.

Another great one is Savatage. Their later rock operas are outstanding. Standout albums are Dead Winter Dead and The Wake of Magellan. One of the tracks off of Dead Winter Dead spawned the much more successful (and much more well-known) side-project the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Standout TSO albums are Beethoven’s Last Night and Night Castle. Both Savatage and TSO play some great symphonic hard rock/metal with occassional prog tendencies.

The Galactic Cowboys are another personal favorite of mine. The members of the band are Christian, but they are not a Christian band in that they do not have explicitly Christian lyrics. The lyrics are, nonetheless, very positive. They play a straightforward sort of metal with Beatle-esque 4 part harmonies. Standout albums are Galactic Cowboys, Space in Your Face, and Machine Fish.

If you like fantasy stuff, I recommend Blind Guardian and Rhapsody of Fire (formerly just Rhapsody). They write some great Tolkien-inspired, over-the-top orchestral power metal with a heavy emphasis on fantasy lyrics. Symphony X is another good one, though lyrically slightly less Tokien-esque and musically less over-the-top. Standout albums are Imaginations From the Other Side and Nightfall in Middle-Earth (Blind Guardian), The Odyssey (Symphony X), and pretty much any Rhapsody album (as they are all somewhat similar, but in a good way! ;)).

Ayreon is another great band with predominantly science-fiction fantasy lyrics. It’s basically a one-man show which enlists instrumentalists and vocalists to come in and record the albums. Each album is a rock opera and all of the albums fit together into one larger story arc. Standout albums are The Human Equation and Into the Electric Castle.

Pain of Salvation, Sonata Arctica, and Kamelot are some of my other top favorites. Some of their lyrics can definitely be a bit darker, but they are intelligently written and they largely avoid the usual sorts of promotion of immorality. The PoS song “Trace of Blood” from the album Remedy Lane is a very moving song from the perspective of a man who has just experienced the miscarriage of his baby. I think it has great pro-life themes in it.

Britt Nicole
Group 1 Crew
Rebecca St. James
Steven Curtis Chapman
Jars of Clay
Matthew West

check out they have a lot of Christian artist with positive, clean music

also, you've probably heard of Type in an artist and they'll match the sound. Usually, if you put in a clean, uplifting type artist, they'll match it with others

The above artists have been really encouraging and uplifting to me. Ever heard of WOW Hits? It's a compilation of popular "Christian" music each year, about 30 songs. Usually, there's some sort of off-the-beaten-path artists on there that are worth checking out.

P.S. if your area has any Christian radio stations, try visiting their websites and checking out the artists on their webpages ( is pretty good if you like more rock/alternative stuff, less "worship and praise" from the 90s :thumbsup:)

Hope this helps!

Honestly I hate music music unless under some chemical influence. In that mood I choose, otherwise I go with classical. I used to listen to a lot of contemporary though; but i dont know if its still good. Vivaldi and JS Bach! for the win.

*Danielle Rose is a fantastic Catholic artist, beautiful voice & excellent contemporary music that is all very Scripturally based! *

I love Mysteries (available from Amazon *She is now Sister Rose Therese, in formation with the Disciples of Lord Jesus Christ! *

i** also like Switchfoot & Jon Foreman**

**Andrea Bocelli's Sacred Arias is incredibly beautiful if you are looking for something more Traditional. **Here's Ave Maria;

I also like Gregorian chant, here's "Tantum Ergo" modu

Allman Brother's version of Stormy Monday is great Blues, especially when Greg Allman sings "Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy on me! (7:52)" & then Greg Allman's guitar solo, heavenly!!!

Allegri's Miserere (Psalm 51)


Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


I have been having problems with my 17 year old son and one area I have been looking at is the music he listens to. It's the pop stuff, rap, and while the tunes may be catchy, the lyrics are disgusting. I think it seeps into his brain and is just another way that pop culture steals away the innocence of our youth today.

I love music of all kinds but until recently, have never considered checking out the christian rock stations. I am now hooked on the music of groups like Third Day, Casting Crowns, Kutless... The messages are so relevant to the issues that we face and I find inspiration in them. I especially love the Kutless song, What Faith Can Do. I keep the car radio dialed to the christian station and hope that my son will see that there is positive music out there that reinforces the principles of his faith.

I'm probably coming in on this conversation a little late but when I saw your post it brought back alot of memories of what I went through in finding good clean rock and roll for both for me and my children. I have to say that the Hand of God was guiding me the whole way because I had no idea about some of the bands I was looking into at the time. My main concern was that I wanted great music with clean lyrics and lyrics that weren't too "made for church" sounding. I loved listening to Rush, Pink Floyd, Joe Walsh, Yes, Styx, U2, and other bands but I wanted more positive wording in my lyrics. Here are some of the bands I came across in my search.

Audio Adrenaline - (their last 5 or six albums have been excellent; they have a slight Matchbox 20 sound but really its their own sound)

Jars of Clay - these guys are fabulous; I highly recommend the albums "Who We Are Instead", "If I Left The Zoo", and "The Long Fall Back To Earth" for starters; has been played on secular rock radio stations

Iona - an Irish rock band that reminds me a little of Yes or Rush; there albums "Journey Into The Morn", "The Book Of Kells", and "Beyond These Shores" are great.

The Elms - midwest rock and I'd have to say the best I've heard; their lyrics make one really think of the values parents try to instill in their children; some of their songs though deal with teen issues but in a positive way; I recommend "The Great American Midrange", "The Chess Hotel", and "Truth, Soul, and Rock and Roll"; has been played on secular rock radio stations.

Flick - the closest band to sound like Pink Floyd but still have their own sound; unfortunately they only made one album called "The Perfect Kellulight" but that was enough, in my eyes its great; by the way, these guys and girl were only in their teens when they released the album.

DC Talk, TobyMac, Kevin Max, and Tait - Dc Talk was the original rock/hiphop band; you may have heard of one of their songs "Jesus Freak"; it got alot of airplay on secular rock radio stations; they broke up and started they own bands TobyMac is a very popular rock/hiphop artist - excellent music.

Unfortunately, I have to go somewhere right now. Try these out and if you need more suggestions, I've got a ton more.:D

I’ve completed my tasks and I would like to pass a few more musicians by you. As was mentioned in one of the other posts, the Newsboys, Switchfoot, and Third Day are all great bands to listen to. The Newsboys have a greatest hits album which can steer you into the direction of their other albums. They are a really upbeat band not dance music but rock/with funky tones. Third Day is like the clean version of the Black Crows with actually much better music. Switchfoot could kind of be compared to Creed but with really uplifting lyrics in alot of their songs. These are all great bands. Now for some not-so-well-known bands.

David Crowder Band (the only rock band that can play church music and make it sound extremely cool)
White Heart (classic rock band)
Superchic[k] (great garage band sound)
Michael W. Smith (tours with Sean Hannity in their Freedom Concerts; I call him the Phil Collins or Elton John of Christian Music; he is a extremely talented musician)
Burlap to Cashmere (Steven Delopoulos) (they were a smash hit when they first came out that they (if memory serves me well although lately it hasn’t so don’t quote me on this one) opened for Sting for some of his concerts; actually the band is no more but the lead singer has done some solo albums; if you like folk rock “Me Died Blue” is probably one of the best albums made; reminds me of Cat Stevens.
Sanctus Real
Sixpence None The Richer

There are more bands out there (alot more) but I’ll leave you with these for now. I wish more people knew about these bands. They hold their own against today’s popular rock music and classic rock music but they don’t get that much airplay except on Christian Rock Radio Stations. So if you find that you do like some of these bands, spread the word to your fellow rockers. God bless and have a good night.

I love chant. Actually, gregorian chant is my least favorite, but i love it, I prefer more eastern flavors like Greek and Slavic, they’re a little bit more deep and masculine. That being said, since most of them are Eastern Orthodox, you can run into some sticky issues, but WAY less frequently then with typical Protestant pop stuff.

You can listen to Ancient Faith Radio (it’s the first result on Google) which is an Orthodox station, but they’re kind of annoying because they interrupt far too often to beg for money.

I am tired of popular music nowadays. There's nothing creative about it anymore. It's all about sex, money, and cars or material things.

My playlist is mostly instrumental and orchestral music: Immediate Music Trailer Head, ES Posthumus, golden oldies and other sentimental music like Paul Anka, Hans Zimmerns, Geico's Caveman theme, "Remind Me," Rammstein, Epica, Kamelot, Nightwish, Romance de Amor (Spanish Romance), Dido, Cranberries, Seether, Gregorian, Howard Shores, big Hollywood epic scores, Gothic choral works, Nox Arcana, Kreftwerk (Godfather of electronic music) ,and my own music.

E Nomine- my favorites are Ave Maria (I love this song set to video of The Passion of the Christ), Padre Nuestro, Der Exorzist, Das Omen, Carpe Diem, Per L'eternita, Laetitia, Espíritu del Aire, Mysteria, Schwarze Sonne.

There you go. All are not mainstream and are boring to folks nowaday.

I was going to pull a quote from your post Mugenone but I have no idea how to do that so I'll just give a reply to your post. I thought I was the only person who tried to find the artist who wrote the songs for certain commercials. I got the "Remind Me" song on the cd by Royksopp (cd's title "Melody A.M."). After listening to the cd, I found that I recognized two other songs from it, "So Easy" and "Poor Leno" but I'm not sure whether they were from some other commercial. The cd is great addition to anyone's electronica collection. Also, I saw that you listed Hans Zimmer who is another great artist (I believe he just did the score for the movie "Inception" which was hauntingly great) and I was wondering if you could recommend a cd of his that would cover a good portion of his works. I listen to similar artists but never picked up any of his cds.

I have to tell you though that my search for the artist whose song music was used in a commercial started about twenty years ago with the Ernest & Julio Gallo Wine commercials.  The song used (if I remember correctly) was by Vangelis and it was called "Hymn" - a fabulous song.  I'll throw one more at you from the JC Penney commercials from about a year or two.  The song is called "How Can It Be" by the group Forever Thursday.  Unfortunately, you can only download the song; there is no album (at least the last time I checked which was about five months ago) but the young lady who sings in the band has solo works and her name is Melanie Hornsnell (again if memory serves me well).

I hope I didn't bore you too much there; just wanted to acknowledge your post.  God bless and have a great day.

these days i’m all about the male vocal and accoustic guitar. (again. hence my enduring love of Neil Young, Cat Stevens, John Denver.)

but on the newer side of things Jon Foreman from Switchfoot is my current fav:

and his lyrics are really good:

So I’m not sure why it always flows downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I’ve spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky

And here tonight while the stars are blacking out
With every hope and dream I’ve ever had in doubt
I’ve spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away
But the water keeps on falling from my eyes

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain
Oh my Lord! To suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away

So blood is fire pulsing through our veins
We’re either writers or fools behind the reigns
I’ve spent ten years trying to sing it all way
But the water keeps on falling from my tries

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain
Oh my Lord! To suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away

Arcade Fire's positive, uplifting new album "The Suburbs", with its pro-abstinence themed track "We Used To Wait" (pro-abstinence in the same way the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" is), is the #1 album in the country: I defy anyone to listen even one of the songs on their new album and not feel better about life. :thumbsup:


I enjoy listening to Hans Zimmer's Batman scores. I'd recommend his Dark Knight's ending credit track. It is a combination of various themes into one orchestral work. In my opinion, he did a wonderful job blending orchestral and electronic music together. I know, many of Hollywood composers don't like Zimmer's music. They make fun of his lack of creativity because most of his music sound like it has only three notes to it.For example, most of his Batman scores contain one long brass crescendo accompanying by bombastic taiko assemble and contra-bass ripp.

Danny Elfmann's Batman Return is another score that I highly recommend.

It is easy to find commercial music. Just Google "what is the name of song in x commercial?" I like the Caveman's version of Remind Me. It is cleaner and smoother than the Royskopp's version.

Gaelic Storm and Leahy. A couple of Celtic bands wonderful music.

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