Any suggestions for resources to help explain my decision to swim the Tiber to my Methodist raised children?

Hello fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

Not to repeat my intro from a month or so ago but I am a 53 year old woman married( I think validly, his mother made sure there was a priest there and we did classes at the Catholic church prior to the wedding) in my Methodist church to a cradle Catholic who was in an agnostic phase of life. He still is not a fan of being at church though he definitely has strong faith now but anyway, to make a long story short we raised our kids Methodist primarily as it was the path of least resistance and at the time I was not very “Catholic friendly” though I grew up with an Irish Catholic grandmother and my brother is now Catholic. In any event, after floundering for years my oldest daughter’s bout with the onset of a chronic illness brought me closer to Christ and to living a much closer Christian walk for the past four years. I became very involved in my Methodist Church including “dragging” my husband along somewhat reluctantly and my kids who are now 18 and 22 had enough of a difficult time dealing with Mom becoming a “Jesus Freak” when lo and behold this Methodist over the last year has come to realize that the Catholic Church is the church Jesus started and I am ready to join. Miracles of miracles my husband said he will join me and I couldn’t be happier as after 35 years we are on the same page. Things he never connected with at my Methodist church I finally understand as I see it all now from a Catholic perspective. I am starting RCIA and thrilled but my kids are confused. I really fault myself for not exposing them to the Catholic Church as well as the Methodist church. I am not asking them to join me at this point- any church attendance would be fine as they go nowhere but I just want to reassure them that A. Mom has not lost it even if I am in menopause:) and B. that the Catholic Church is nothing to be afraid of in their lives as we are still the same loving Mom and Dad and would never push this on them but actually my goal is for us to be a better example of being united in faith. Anyway, if anyone else has been through this with adult children and have any words of advice let me know. My youngest has close Catholic friends and actually says she would consider becoming Catholic and I encouraged her checking it out at school as she leaves for college in the fall. My oldest is married to a non practicing Lutheran and she is the one who is mad about this whole thing, even though I assured her I would always be happy to go with her to the church I raised her in anytime, I would just have to go to Mass first. As it is I go to Mass each Sunday and a couple weekends a month I also still pop in on my current church as I have some ongoing connections there (everyone is ok about all of this thankfully at both churches and I know my involvement in my old church by necessity will become less and less). Anyway, thanks for listening and even if all you have to offer is prayer for family Christian unity, I appreciate it. Just want to be able to give the answer for the hope I have- even to my kids!

I do not have any advice but I wish you luck and you are in my prayers :slight_smile:

I suggest having them read Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn.

That resource helped me, will have to go back and look for the answers to “objections” so to speak. I think the main thing is not to be “in their face”- they didn’t like it when I kept trying to get them to come back to our Methodist church when I got active and it just turned them off so I have to learn from that and “preach the gospel with my feet I guess” Thanks for the prayers!

As you may have been drawn to Catholicism, but never said it in this way, I would point out that it seems “odd”, maybe someone is trying to tell me something,……that why do all these events, miracles,……only happen in John Wesley’s church? Er wait,………that other Church. Is someone trying to tell me something?

I trust this may help,…….yet maybe someone can help me,…….is God trying to tell me something since 33 AD? :thumbsup:

There are many things you can tell them. But the best thing for you to do is to just discern for yourself. Let the Holy Spirit work through you first, and through your journey, allow your children to see the transformation. Note that Satan will now doubt temp you in ways you’ve never been tempted before. It’s quite the challenge, but one well worth the wait.

Welcome Home.

Thanks everyone! One thing I learned in my search is how John Wesley never meant to start a church in the first place. He was an Anglican priest who venerated Mary, prayed the Rosary and believed in the Real Presence. Even my Cathlic raised Associate Pastor did not know all of this when I explained all of this when telling her of my spiritual journey about how “Catholic” John Wesley really was. Jack you are so right about the snares of the devil- have had to keep the shields up all week for some reason. As a Protestant I would read Ephesians 6, so cool to add to it St. Michael’s prayer now. I feel I discover some new treasure every day and I haven’t even started RCIA.

I think a good way to explain how you have changed your opinion is to let them learn by your example. when they ask questions about how you could believe in things that you once didn’t, allow the Holy Spirit to guide your answers. State that your Methodist faith, led you to be open to the Catholic faith, then show them through prayer and example. Congratulations on deciding to swim the Tiber and congratulations on your husband deciding to share this experience with you. I think he will learn as much as you will, if not more.

This is very interesting to me since I grew up Methodist, do you have any online resouces that talk about John Wesley’s Catholic practices?

I’ve heard and read the same things. In fact, I read something from a local Methodist Church that revealed as much. John Wesley was very Catholic. He probably just didn’t realize it.

Here is one from This Rock

And this blog about Protestants and The Rosary speaks of John Wesley’s take on Mary and about praying the Rosary

Of course by the time I went through Sunday School and Confirmation in the 1960’s we heard none of this.

Congratulations on your decision! Wonderful. You are very blessed to have your husband take the steps with you at this time.

I suggest that you tell your children what the church teaches and why, and how that differs from methodism. Stress the connection between the early church and the church today and that it is the same faith. Discuss protestantism as a schismatic movement and explain how it drifted away from historical Christianity. Don’t give them long lectures, just facts. Tell them it is not abaout feelings and whether some church feels right, but about the truth. They might not accept any of it but you never know.

Good luck!:thumbsup:

Two other books to consider:

By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition - by Mark P Shea

Crossing the Tiber - Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church - by Stephen K Ray

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