Any suggestions to address the charges made by the book, "What Has Happened to the Ca


Has anyone read the book, “What Has Happened to the Catholic Church?” by Fathers Francisco and Dominic Radecki? A friend has given it to me and requests a response. Is there a book I could recommend she read, besides the CCC, to address her concerns about our post-Vatican II Church? Also, the book attributes questionable quotes, actions, etc., to our dear Pope John Paul the Great. How can I find if they’re true, and if so, why they were done?

Thanks for any info…God Bless…

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For any to help you, it would be best to post the quotes you are referring to and where they came from if possible. I personally am not familiar with the book, but I would be glad to help if you posted the quotes. Also, have you tried Googling the quotes to see what comes up or checking the bibliography (I am assuming there is one in the back of the book)??? Thanks and God Bless.


My friend was given the same book. Must be popular.:wink:



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