Any "Teen" apologetics books


Anyone know of a book of apologetics aimed specifically at teens? Not a study Bible, but sort of a combination of Catholicism and Fundamentalism and How Not to Share your Faith, aimed at teen audiences.


I’m not sure if they’re exactly ‘a combination of Catholicism and Fundamentalism and How Not to Share your Faith’ :confused: but I can recommend the Prove It! books by Amy Welcher.
They’re interesting, funny, very informative, well-written, and though they’re definitely aimed at teens, my mom likes them too :thumbsup:.


Thanks. I ordered a copy of each. Looking for good books to supply for our eighth and 7th grade religion classes.


“A Philedelphia Catholic in King Jame’s Court” could be good. It’s an apologetics novel (possibly the only one, I’m not sure). It’s a very simple read that features a young boy going to stay with his family on his Uncle’s farm in…Kentucky? Heart of Fundamentalist Country anyway. He learns to defend his faith from most of the major attacks on Catholicism, including Mary and the Papacy, and shows, in part, how not to defend you faith by how they show some of the Protestants defending their faith.


“Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons” and “Did Jesus Have A Last Name” by Matthew Pinto & Jason Evert (and available from Catholic Answers). The books are Q&A from teens about the Church and her teachings. It is straightforward, readable and broken down into general “sections”. I have used it as a reference in my 6th grade CCD Confirmation class.


Prove It!: Church (Prove It!) by Amy Welborn .
Amy has several books in the Prove It series.


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