Any teens discerning vocations?

Are there any discerning teens? I feel called to be a monk. If you are we can all chat here.


I’m definitely a discerning teen. I don’t know about being a monk, but I know I am discerning the priesthood. Actually, I’m pretty much discerning all vocations. For the time being, I keep praying for certainty of what I’m called to do, whether to the religious life as a priest or brother, or the married life. At this stage in my life, it’s pretty hard to say for sure, but I’m open to whatever God puts in my path.


That’s great! where are you leaning?

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Im almost 21 next month and Ive been recently discerning matrimony. A couple years back I wouldnt be open to the idea of starting a family, but recently I kinda have been having those feelings. Please pray for me on this issue, whatever God’s will is, I surely know God is preparing me for it!


We will definitely pray for you. I’m 17 and want to be a nun, but also open to marriage and starting a family.


Do you plan to go at 18?

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I thought about it. Three years ago I decided to become Catholic, my parents are not going to allow that until I turn 18. I used to want to become a nun right away, but I decided I want to go to college and grow more mature. I do plan on seriously discerning though.


Are you worried about debt in college though? I’m not sure if it was just one monastery but I thought you couldn’t join if you had debt.

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I wonder how many people in this forum are around our age group :thinking:


Well, I’m here. But I am not discerning a vocation to religious life and don’t feel called to matrimony. I am in college and plan to be a scientist (paleontologist).


I’m the same way but with priesthood


I am also a teen. I am thinking about the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei or a third order.

But I don’t know yet!


I’ve wondered the same thing. I don’t think teenagers are really that visible here. Perhaps it reflects how people our age tend to be leaving the faith :frowning::frowning::frowning:.


How’d it end?

Any advice for when I go to the blessed sacrament? Ive been going more recently and do my usual prayers and just kneel or sometimes I will pray a rosary and sit.

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What is that?

That’s the problem. I don’t know. :laughing: There are so many pros to both sides, and I know I can be terrible at decision-making when faced with two or more options…again, that’s why lots of prayer goes into discernment, because I know I won’t be able to choose on my own.

It’s also hard to tell in an online forum who is a teen and who isn’t without users explicitly mention it. This can be somewhat of a good thing because most people on here are very mature so much that you’d guess a lot of them would be adults. It’s true though that it can be hard for teens to stay in the faith nowadays… Better pray for their return constantly.


Im pretty sure theres still a good amount of young that are yearning for our Lord, then theres those who will be found by our Lord later down the road :slight_smile:

I took a break from this forum a while back, I just forgot about it for a while, came back recently though so sometimes its just life we get focused on until coming back here once in a while!

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I got married

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