Any theology graduate programs in Rome?

That’s basically my question. I’m doing undergrad right now, and this has been on my mind for a while.

Is anybody familiar with graduate studies in Rome (preferably in English :wink: )

There are a good number of graduate theology schools in Rome. Most are very difficult to get into, require knowledge of Italian (most teach in Italian), Latin, and other languages. I don’t know if they offer MAs. I know several people who got an STL in Rome, which is an ecclesial degree, but it requires that you have a MA degree already or an STB, at least that is what the priests who got those degrees told me. I don’t know if these schools provide housing for lay students so that would have to be figured in.

There’s a number American colleges have semester-long sessions in Rome where you can partake in some graduate courses, as I did awhile back.

However, there’s very few American Catholic universities with all theology courses for the laity done entirely in English in Rome, actually. I know the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas has a selective theology program in English over there.

There’s a number of universities that do offer MBA degrees in English as well in Rome.

Keep in mind, many of these schools and programs have prerequisites of taking a 100-level course in Italian before enrollment.

Thanks for the replies! And hmmm… that’s sort of what I figured after coming up empty online. I’ll have to figure out some other excuse to get myself to Rome!

You’ll find a way!

Keep in mind that some of these full-time lay professors you’ll have are going to be native Europeans. They’ll speak English amazingly well. They also might have different understandings and appreciations of Catholicism (European views on theology aren’t always equal to an American’s…). Prepare for discussions!

Haha, thanks JoyIsLikeRain! I’m already getting excited.

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