Any thoughts on fun/easy Valentine's desserts?


My DH and I are currently living in temporary housing, so my utensils/equipment is quite limited. I’d like to make him something special for tonight, but it needs to include ingredients light enough for me to carry about 1/3 of a mile on 4 inches of snow topped with about 1 inch of ice, and use nothing but a whisk or other accessible utensils like spoons and forks. I’d love to hear about anything yummy though!


Chocolate covered strawberries would be easy.

All you need is a pint of strawberries a bag of chocolate chips and some wax paper.

Buy a bag of chocolate chips or white chocolate chips in the baking aisle. Melt them in a bowl in the microwave or over a double boiler, depending on what you have available (directions are on the bag). Let the chocolate cool a bit. Then, wipe down the strawberries and dip them in the chocolate. Lay them out on wax paper to dry.

If you want to get really creative, you can dip them in white chocolate and let them harden. Then, melt dark chocolate in the microwave, spoon it into a ziplock bag, cut one corner of the bag with scissors and pipe little stripes of dark chocolate over the white chocolate.

It’s very easy to do, requires little in the way of utensils, and only has 2 ingredients.


snicker casserole:

Mix a container of cool whip with a container of creme cheese. Chop into small chunks five snicker bars. Mix together. chill for an hour

Top with some red sprinkles if you want to add decoration.


Elegant but simple.

1 box puff pastry sheets (frozen)
2 ripe pears
Fresh raspberries
Whipped Cream (I use fresh)
Chocolate syrup

Defrost puffed pastry. Cut into thick strips about 3 inches wide. Gently fold the pastry on top of itself. Layer the fresh pear slices. Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon and sugan, just a little bit. Repeat the layer of puff pastry and pear. I usually do thios no more than 3 times because it will PUFF!
Cook according to package directions.
When mostly cooled (and ready to serve) garnish with a little bit of chocolate syrup, dollops of fresh whipped cream and some raspberries around the plate.

It actually only takes about 15 minutes to do and it looks very elegant!



you can bake an ordinary chocolate cake, one layer, or even brownies from scratch or a mix. if you have a heart shaped doily that’s good, or fold a piece of typing paper in half, cut out one large, or several smaller, hear shapes. lay the paper or doily on the cake layer, and gently sprinkle powdered sugar from a sifter, and lift the paper carefully so you don’t disturb the heart shapes. if you can get any pink icecream like strawberry, serve it with that.


This is a colorful & easy dessert:

Dump Cake

1 box of yellow cake mix
1 can of cherry pie filling
1 can of crushed pineapple
1 stick of butter

Lightly greese 9x13 pan
Dump the cherry pie filling & the crushed pineapple into the pan. Don’t stir.
Dump the dry cake mix ontop - sort of spread it out evenly - but DON’T stir.
Drizzle1 stick of totally melted butter ontop of the dry mix. (Again, don’t stir!)

Bake in 350 oven for 1 hour. It is delicious & best served warm w/ icecream or whipped cream.


Cherry Cheesecake minis
Instant cheesecake from a mix (jello brand is best)
make according to package directions.
line muffin pan or baking sheet with muffin cups (if you find any with hearts fine, otherwise the regular foil ones work best)
line each cup with a vanilla wafer
scoop a heaping tablespoon of cheescake mix in the cup
top with a dollop of canned cherry pie filling
refrigerate as the package directs.
these of course will be easy to carry in a cakebox or cardboard box (you can assemble them in the box you will use if you have room in the refrigerator)

Raspberry Parfait
This will look best if you get clear plastic champagne flutes, and assemble where you will serve it.
Instant vanilla pudding,
Frozen raspberries or strawberries (the kind in juice) thawed
whipped cream in can or cool-whip
Layer the pudding and berries in the glasses, with berries on the bottom, top with whipped topping, and a valentine candy heart if you are serving immediately.

I don’t know why anyone would worry about calories today but of course you can substitute sugar free and fat free versions of ingredients if they are available, but it kind of defeats the purpose of dessert.


Wow! Some great ideas! Thanks so much!


I would love to try your recipe, but I’m not clear about this part. Can you explain a bit better?

Thanks! Sounds yummy!!! And perfect for my DH who doesn’t like things ultra sweet or too chocolaty.



How about pears, peeled & cored. Poach in mulled red wine till tender. drain. make a chocolate grenache, turn pears with the core up. Fill the hole with the grenache to overflow. Top with creme fresche or whipped cream.


I think you mean ganache :slight_smile:

Sounds very yummy!!!



My BIL makes the best poached pears in red wine! These are FANTASTIC!


Simply eat the lovely luxury chocolates he is going to buy you!:smiley:


LOL! Apricot Yogurt that truly is hilarious! After last year’s hard, dancing, singing, irritating, FLASHING ME IN A YELLOW PLASTIC RAINCOAT, Walgreen’s 1/2 price monkey, I requested a GPS unit for Valentine’ day, which I have already received. We just moved and I have barely left the apartment for fear of getting lost, so a GPS was pretty romantic. No candy for me I’m afraid!



I tried to explain in writing for 15 what I meant and I couldn’t SO… I took a video of how I would do it (using playdoh instead). I am going to post it on youtube. If you give me your email I will send the link to you! :slight_smile:


Here is my puff pastry folding! LOL!
What a geek I am!


Wow- That’s really going above and beyond the call of CAForum duty LynnieLew! I love it!


I was just really annoyed I couldn’t explain it!
And it is so easy too!


LOL!!! That is too good!! I would have NEVER guessed that’s what you were talking about!

Thanks for the video! :thumbsup:



Your welcome, anytime!
It really is a very good dessert. Just make sure you slice the pears very thin.

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