Any thoughts on "The 13th day"?

I watched it yesterday and have to say I’m really dissappointed.
The impression I got was that it tried to be rather artsy - and it failed.
Most importantly, the story was not told very well. No mention of the angel who appeared to the children, or the fact that the three of them did not all see and hear the Blessed Mother. So much of the juicy stuff was left out and the emphasis was on special effects and creating an atmosphere.
I didn’t get anything out of it :frowning:

What do you think? Did anyone like it and find it inspiring?

I actually really enjoyed it. I bought it on DVD and have watched it almost every night for the past week.

I do share some of the same gripes you mentioned, particularly Francisco apparently seeing and hearing the Blessed Virgin and no mention of the angel. Also, in the prison scene when they kneel to pray, Lucia does not make the full cross (she goes from forehead to left shoulder and then right shoulder).

But I do like it. I think the dancing sun scene was well done. A reviewer on described it better than I could when he said “every scene could be a portrait” (paraphrasing). I didn’t think it was too artsy. I also think they did a good job portraying the trials the children had to endure.

I’d rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

I watched it last night, too.

I liked it - it was simple. I found it inspiring.

Some say that if you didn’t already know the story it would be hard to watch and figure out what was happening. I watched it with my two youngest children and they did have alot of questions.

I watched it and being very familiar with the story I thought that it was much better done than the version that came out with the actor Ricardo Montalban. Cinematically I thought that it was very well done. The lighting, the sound, special effects and acting were superb. I agree though that it didn’t give much information, but I believe that the film actually left one with the same information as those villagers and visitors who had experienced the event. Many would have known the children, but not all that the children experienced. The people would have experienced the “Dancing of the Sun” as shown in this movie but would have been unaware of the secrets, which were not revealed until years later. Nevertheless conversions abounded and hopefully anyone watching this movie will experience something similar. Deo Gratius!

we just had a showing in our parish and I liked it very much. It was as billed, the story as told from the viewpoint of one seer, Lucia, and more her personal experience, rather than the objective narrative of what Our Lady said and did, or an exploration of the visions and messages themselves. In that, relating Lucia’s story, the film succeeded. Since I have seen other presentations based on the apparitions and the messages, I don’t see any lack in this one on that score.

Yes it was a bit hollywood with the sfx but no more, and actually much less, than a feature film should be. Too much of that, visions of hell, angels and so forth, would have been over the top. Some of the kids (our youth group sponsored the event) remarked that for the first time the understood how hard it was to be a visionary, and what it would be like, as a kid, to experience something like this, and they could see themselves reacting to such an event. In that alone it had a worthwhile impact, I think.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the film. Maybe I should watch it again and try to be less critical. :o
I agree that the children’s suffering was very well portrayed in the film. I found that extremely moving.

I once read something by a woman whose grandfather was in that field and saw the miracle. He went there expecting nothing and hoping that the visions and the miracle would turn out to be a hoax. She said that the miracle made a profound influenece on him and that he believed, although he never talked about it much.
How fascinating.

In viewing the movie the 13th Day I noticed during the interrogation scene Francisco prayed "blessed is the fruit of thy womb _____, Holy Mary, etc. He left out the name of Jesus. Has anyone else caught this? If so, what is the explanation for it? I have been all over the net looking for an answer and even contacted the filmmakers with this question. Curious and hopeful of an explanation.

I got this on DVD and love it. It does miss out events, but no films are entirely accurate to the event/book.

I watched it with my Muslim friend and after it he said, “How can people still deny God?”. I was glad that he enjoyed it as well. He used to think that it was only really Muslims who get to Heaven, but this changed his mind.

I bought it from Amazon a half a year ago, thinking it would be something I’d watch many times over. I was pretty disappointed, I thought after Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” religious movie makers would get more sophisticated and less cheesy, unfortunately this movie fell right into that cheesy model of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, like those old ones you sometimes catch in the middle of the night on EWTN where the Romans look ridiculous with their helmets with a plastic bright red brush on top.

Lol, that’s true. I’ve been looking for a Christian film that is modern like the Passion of Christ.

I agree completely. I just couldn’t get pass the cheese.

Why can’t someone (or Mel again, though it may be too late for him with all his problems) make another high budget and classy religious movie, with an outstanding soundtrack, great cinematography, the whole works, like “Passion of the Christ”? After that movie made over $300 million domestically I thought for sure that they would be a new market nitch, but I guess the atheists and secular types that run Hollywood hate religion that much that they’ll pass on making money off them. I think if someone made a big budget movie on the life of Saint Paul, or Saint Peter, or even Teresa of Avila, it would be a hit. But all we’re left with is these low budget films made made with 1000 dollars and a Sony camcorder.

In the past, they used to not say the Lord’s name in the ‘Hail Mary’… it’s a new development in the Rosary. :slight_smile:

I personally liked the 13th Day… :slight_smile:

Just discovered this movie and love it. What a wonderfully beautiful and moving account of the events at Fatima. I’m puzzled at some of the criticisms I read here and elsewhere. Fault is found with everything from the artistic style, the poor acting, the failure to include every last fact, etc. etc. Not a well-polished Hollywood production yet still beautiful in it’s simplicity and honest to the essential facts. I would suggest viewing it as one should accept the Kingdom of God; as a little child, and not a movie critic…

It is a film that is not the style of modern pop movies, it is artistic, it is more in the noir style.

Beautiful, moving, it brings me to tears every time.

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