Any traditional Catholics want to enumerate the errors of Russia?

Devotion to the Immaculate Heart is requested by God to allay God’s chastisement by Russia, which will otherwise spread her errors, per the Fatima message, leading to the annihilation of nations. Anybody care to enumerate the errors of Russia? Starting World War II would be one offering, this being done by Russia’s signing a non-aggression pact with highly bellicose Japan and Germany. Complete compendium, please. Everything. Throw Madame Blavatsky in there, too. Thanks and God bless everyone.

Anyone else?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, reign and rule all hearts with the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and pray for us now and at the hour of our death. AMEN

Communism is the most obvious one.

The worst philosophy this world has ever seen. A satanic philosophy. I love the poor and homeless. I will be the first to get angry over an injustice they suffer, however, the problem with Communism is two fold: It denys the human right to property, aka stealing, second and the worst: It is atheistic to the core.

I also understand the fact that the rich should help the poor. I highly agree. However, we cannot just strip everything they own away. Some people, like some wealthy farmers had to endure heat and cold, snow, rain, mud, dirt, financial loss to accumulate that wealth. So it is unfair in both regards.

Im sticking with my LORD on this one.

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First of all Russia did not start WW2, Germany led by a mad man called Adolph Hitler started WW2. Russia actually saved Europe’s bacon by successfully defeating Germany on the Eastern Front. No, I’m not forgetting the heroic effort of the U.S. and England but it was Russia that bore the brunt of the German onslaught and who suffered most.

That said, the errors of Russia were the tenents of godless Communism which overturned the Russian Monarchy in 1919 and established Communism as the ideology and political force of Russia and which the Communists tried to spread throughout the world causing trouble everywhere they could. And by the way, Russia’s conversion is far from complete today. Communism is gone and Religion is openly practiced and promoted by the state but a true conversion of the Russian heart is still underway - just like the rest of us, right.


just so you know since you don’t know your history and my family from poland, germany and russia started world war 2 when they signed a treaty that divided poland half for russia, half for germany, then when they were attacked in 41, they switched sides.

trust me being a history major, thats how things are.

The “errors of Russia” refers to Communism. Communism is simply Materialism put into practice, especially political practice.

Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984 by Pope JPII.

So, let’s see where Russia and the West stand at this point in time, and in what direction both countries are moving.

The present worldview in the West is dominated by elements of materialism, hedonism, consumerism, nationalism, militarism, imperialism and secular humanism, all of which, it could be argued, are being embraced to an unprecedented historic degree. We defeated the Evil Empire, that is true, but it wasn’t Russia that was evil, it was a particular ideology that infected Russia only relatively recently in their hisotry, that was evil. Although we defeated the Communists, it would not, to quote Leo Strauss (although he was writing about the Germans), “be the first time that a nation, defeated on the battlefield and, as it were, annihilated as a political being, has deprived its conquerors of the most sublime fruit of victory by imposing on them the yoke of its own thought.”

The West is supposed to be the “good guys” and Russia is supposed to be the “bad guy” but in Russia today there are more restrictions on the world’s number one evil (abortion) than there are in the West. Medvedev signed the first restrictions on abortion in Russia since the collapse of Communism. Abortion providers in Russia have to devote 10 percent of any advertising to describing the dangers of abortion to a woman’s health, and it is ILLEGAL in Russia to describe abortion as a safe medical procedure. In 2011, the Russian Parliament passed a law making abortion ILLEGAL after 12 weeks (with exceptions for rape and to save the life of the mother). Medvedev’s wife has taken up the pro-life cause in Russia, engaging in a national campaign against abortion called “Give Me Life!” and a “Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness” by her Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives in conjunction with the Russian Orthodox Church. Recently, Russia voted AGAINST the U.S. and European intiative at the UN to make the right to murder unborn children a universal human right.

In Russia, the Orthodox Church has undergone a revival since the fall of the Soviet Union almost 20 years ago ended decades of repression under communism, and Russia’s leaders have endorsed it as the country’s main faith. The Orthodox Church’s reach is rapidly finding its way into nearly every government agency, including its military. The Russian Government is*** funding ***restoration of Orthodox Churches with public tax dollars.:bigyikes: Inaugural ceremonies are attended by the patriarchs armed with Holy water and incense. Russian Orthodox Bishops are regularly seen at military installations conducting religious ceremonies. Recently the Russian Orthodox Church gave its blessing to the men and women who control Russia’s nuclear weapons. Last year, priests, led by Bishop Amvrosy of Bronnitsy, chanted prayers, burned incense, and sprinkled holy water on nuclear warheads and blessed the entire facility responsible for the storage and maintenance of the country’s nuclear arsenal. Earlier this year the Russian nuclear submarine *Aleksandr Nevsky *was named after a Russian Saint and fitted with Orthodox chapel. The submarine, became the second nuke-carrying sub equipped with a sanctuary alongside its ballistic missiles. It is the sixth military chapel consecrated into the Russia fleet. The other five were installed on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the heavy cruiser Pyotr Veliky, Russian Navy sail training ship Kruzenshtern, guided missile cruiser Moskva, and nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine K-433.

Now, not only are these and many other changes in Russia remarkable for a nation that only a few decades ago was one of the most brutal and atheistic regimes ever to grace the planet; they are also remarkable given the fact that Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia would be converted. Our Lady doesn’t usually get her predictions wrong.

Russia is heading in the right direction. And it all happened under those two “bad guys” (according to the West) Medvedev and Putin. The West keeps demonizing them and telling us that they are “bad” for, you know, suppressing gay “parades” and public desecrations of Cathedrals, and sticking up for the last Arab regime in the Middle East that still protects the rights of the Christians, Jewish and Arab minorites there - Syria. Give me a break already! The West’s propaganda and demonization is wearing thin and growing old. Doesn’t sound like the Russians are villians at all and it looks like they could teach the West a lesson.

Doesn’t Russia still have the highest abortion rates in the west still ( I’ve always considered Russia to be at bottom, western)? Since when did these anti-abortion measures take effect? Is it merely the case that abortions have gone down but Russia still has the highest numbers of them?

A cure worse than the disease as far as my 20-20 hindsight is considered.

It does still have a high rate of abortions. The highest? I don’t know.

In the Soviet era abortion was free and unrestricted. Official statistics (2009) placed the number of abortions in Russia at 1.3 million, a major drop from the 1990s. The number of abortions in Russia since 2009 has been coming down. The fact remains that Russia has more restrictions on abortion (in some cases it is illegal) than exist here in the United States and Europe.

You may be a history major but no one considers the non-aggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union as being the “start” of World War II. The historical beginning has always been September 1, 1939. True, the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland but they did not continue a sustained military campaign against anyone after Poland fell.

If you want to be so nuanced, you could say that the allied nations during World War I caused the continuation of hostilities known as World War II with the horrible peace agreement that was forced upon Germany in the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919.

The last few Pope’s generally noted the erorrs Our Lady warned of was the communist leaders promoting atheism as the official ideology. The propaganda and ridiculing of religion had a grave impact. A godless leadership poisoning the children of a nation can lead to the worst form of annihilation, spiritual annihilation.

The treaty was signed by the USSR and not Russia, Russia and the USSR are by no means exactly the same thing.

You Sir, deserve a standing ovation…! :thumbsup:

So it would appear that given that we should now talk of the errors of America perhaps as the wife of the current Russian prime minister is a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church and has spoken forcibly against abortion and organised conferences and national events with the support of Patriach Alexy aimed at finding ways to inform the Russian people of the evils of abortion. Also Russians have banned parades aimed at promoting homosexuality in many places, laws have been enacted recently forcing abortion providers to use percentages of their profits to inform potential clients of the risks of the procedure’s they are about to undertake and what was the result of a group of blasphemers invading the nation’s main cathedral in Russia?

Stalin was just as much a monster as Hitler (if not worst). This includes the start of the Second World War. Russia is as much to blame. Look at the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which effectively split up Eastern Europe and the Baltic States between the USSR and Nazi Germany. It was the two nations plans to invade the East.

Yes Stalin was indeed monstrous, although he also was of course not Russian and was sadly a seminary student originally who was expelled. Once again Russian the USSR are to equivalent to the same thing and using them as two interchangeable terms is problematic.

Very interesting. A few things I wouldn’t agree with but interesting. I don’t think anyone said the Russians are villians. But one has to admit, Stalan didn’t kill his tens of millions all by himself ! But thankfully that generation is gone. Let’s hope the present will achieve the promise you see. :thumbsup:

All things I could have told you as well, Hans is one of the few posters on the forum who seems to be reasonably well informed about modern Russia. My wife IS Russian and everytime I tell her about this sort of thread here she asks, ‘Why is is that in Russia we don’t go on all day about what they are doing in America?’ and I can assure you they don’t from having been resident there myself.

Most Russians are not aware of the Fatima apparitions in detail and those that are either reject them as emanating from a hererodox sect of Christianity if they are Orthodox or ignore them if they are not religious.

Even from a Catholic viewpoint the consecration has been accomplished and listing decades old issues that are now history in many cases really does seem like an attempt to keep shining the torchlight under the bed in case any last reds down there may be getting hungry and would like to come out for a cup of coffee.

Hans Trappist made reference to the allied blockade of Germany which continued AFTER the cessation of hostilities in another post on a thread with themes touching on Russian and German history. Blockades such as this which were a form of collective punishment after the war’s end were one reason bitter anger persisted in Germany and which threw fuel on the fire to create an atmosphere of heat and not light.

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