Any Twilight Zone Marathoners?

Twice a year, Jan. 1 and July 4, is a special time for those of us who watch The Twilight Zone Marathon (also The Honeymooners Blowout on New Year’s). We are the non-Trekkies but just as emotionally immature! So while the rest of the country is having barbecues and battling mosquitoes, we’re doing something infinitely more enjoyable.

Which is your favorite episode? Mine is “The Trouble with Templeton.”

i enjoy the Twilight marathons although i usually don’t get to watch all of the episodes.
i have several favorites. the one with Agnes Moorehead and the little alien that is on her roof and comes into her house. i like the one with William Shatner on the airplane and the “gremlin” he supposedly sees. when i was young, that one really frightened me.
another one that scare me was the episode where the little girl was in bed and somehow in her wall was an entrance to another world and her dad had to go find her. i was afraid to go to sleep at night for fear that was real and i might fall out of bed and go into another realm. i also like the one with the bus passengers stranded at the diner and they are wondering if one of them might be an alien.
not sure i remember the one that is your favorite episode. could you describe it?
(i don’t currently have internet access so only get on once a day. probably won’t be back on until thursday.)

“The Trouble with Templeton” episode is about an aging stage actor, played by Brian Aherne, who goes back in time to the period of his youth when his first wife, Laura, is still alive, as well as his best friend, Barney. But the past is not as wonderful as the way he imagined it, and his wife tells him to go back to where he came from. Actually she and his friend are both acting in order to encourage him to live his life in the present, not the past. A very poetic, emotional, and well-acted episode. Of course, I also have several other favorites.

I like the one with Burgess Meridith being the sole survivor of an atomic bomb, and finally having enough time to read…and breaks his glasses. :frowning:

Although many Twilight zone episodes the end scene is almost justified, this one was sad. His wife treated him just horribly, the way she ruined each page of his book. Horrid!

This one is my favorite too :slight_smile:

Which station or cable channel is showing the marathon?

“Eye of the Beholder” & “People are Alike All Over” I’ve only seen these in late-nite re-runs as I am too young for the originals.

I’ll be watching as I enjoy the traditional July 4th dinner in these parts (salmon and peas).

Favorite episodes – more than I can think of now (and several have already been mentioned in this thread), but how about “It’s a Good Life” (with bad Anthony!) or “Living Doll” (“My name is Talky Tina…”), or “To Serve Man” (“Don’t get on that ship!”)

I also like the “Little Girl Lost” episode (girl disappears into the fourth (or fifth?) dimension). I always found that one to be profoundly creepy! I hadn’t seen it on TV for a long time, but it got played during the last marathon.

(I am sad because we don’t get the honeymooners marathon where I live).

My favorite is “Still Valley.” A Confederate cavalry sergeant gets offered a book by an old conjurer that has magic that could stop the whole Union army in its tracks. The trouble is, to use the spell, the Confederates would have to renounce the name of God, forever, and go lock, stock, and barrel with the devil. The sergeant considers it, then convinces his commander that the only thing to do with the book is consign it to the campfire, even if the Confederacy loses. The next day, the unit is fighting at Gettysburg.

I’ve always found the what ifs? of this episode pretty horrific.

I just recently started watching episodes of The Twlight zone at 21. I now see why my parents didn’t encourage me to watch them when I was a little boy!!! I love the stories now, many are mind bending plot wise. Watching some of the stories with the frame of mind of them being made during the Cold War really makes some of the darn creepy.

It’s on the Syfy network. This year it begins early morning July 4 and continues until the following morning.

My parents encouraged me to watch the episodes along with them. Then again, they also took me to see “Psycho” when I was nine-years-old, as well as many other horror and mature-audience films. They never shielded me from the world and I thought this was the norm of parenting.

It’s a chilling episode and Gary Merrill gives a great performance.

On New Year’s in my home, we’re constantly switching back and forth between TZ Marathon and Honeymooners Blowout.

“To Serve Man” is always a great episode, even when you already know the punchline.

**The 4th ALWAYS has the Twilight Zone marathon on, and we have a BBQ.

Several of my favorites have already been mentioned, such as-

  • Time Enough at Last ( Henry finally has time to read, then breaks his glasses ).
  • To Serve Man ( “help full” aliens ).
  • It’s a Good Life ( Be REALLY nice to six year old Anthony ).

Other favorites of mine-

  • A Hundred Yards Over the Rim ( A pioneer from a 1847 wagon train sets off alone to find something to help his sick son ).
  • The Howling Man ( Brother Jerome has his hands full watching satan ).
  • Hitch-Hiker ( Death is trying to hitch a ride ).
  • Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge ( As a Confederate spy is being hanged, his rope breaks and he makes a run for it ).
  • The Hunter ( A hunter and his dog die on a hunt and try to enter Heaven. Hell tries to get them first, but the dog is the one who can see through Hell’s lies and leads his master to the real pearly gates.

I still love the Twilight Zone now as much as I did as a kid. :thumbsup:**

“Eye of the Beholder” is one of the great episodes.

Burgess Meredith is great in “Time Enough at Last.”

Some great choices, tuscany. “A Hundred Yards Over the Rim” is a touching and well-crafted story, with the late Cliff Robertson in great form. “The Howling Man” is a real classic, while I find “The Hitchhiker” just plain creepy, except for Inger Stevens herself. “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a beautiful episode and the last in the series: very poetic and rarely shown.

Didn’t mean to mess things up Meltzerboy, but I added one more to my list…
There are just so many that are now popping into my head ! :smiley:

Oh, yeah. “To Serve Man” definitely.

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