Any Valid Translational Differences Regarding the Eucharist?


Do any known early versions or translations of Matthew 26:26 actually say, “Take and eat, this represents My Body” as I recently heard a non-Catholic minister say in conducting a communion service for his congregation? Is there some translational basis for using the word “represents” instead of the word “is” with respect to Holy Communion?




Ah yes, the Bump manuscripts. Recently found in the basement of an abandoned gas station in West Glomp, California, these scrolls not only say “This represents my body”, but also has a different ending to John chapter 6:

…And the people said among themselves, “Dude! How can he give us his body to eat? That is so harsh! Yuck! We’re outa here!”

And Jesus said “Hey, wait guys! I was just speaking figuratively. It was a parable. Dig? Guys? Come back! Oh, darn.”…

The Bump manuscripts also has a difference in Matthew 16:

…And Jesus said “Peter, I declare that you are “Little Rock”, and upon this other great big rock I will build my church.” and from that time, all the other apostles nicknamed Peter “Arkansas”…

And other differences throughout the text. The late Robert Funk of The Jesus Seminar reportedly said it is “an exciting new work. A real page turner.”


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