any vegetarians out here?


I was wondering if there are any Christians who are vegetarians believing that eating meat is wrong?



Most Catholics I know who don’t eat meat don’t do it becuase they think eating meat is wrong. Some do it because they believe the current raising and butchering process is cruel. Others do it as a form of pennance. Some people just don’t like the taste of meat.

I’ve done vegitarianism before but I got very sick because of health issues I was unaware of. It is critical to get a balanced diet.

P.S. What part of Texas are you from?


Jesus ate meat at the Passover. The Jews in the OT were commanded to eat the animals that were sacrificed. Also, I’ve studied nutrition & have concluded that vegetarianism is unhealthy in the long run. You can do it for awhile, but eventually, the body needs meat to be optimally healthy (fish, eggs, etc.).
Of all the supercentenarians I’ve studied (people who live past 110), none were vegans. I’ve never heard of anyone living past 80 on a vegetarian diet. In fact, many die young…
Meat has nutrients that other foods don’t provide.
I am curious. How long have you lived wtihout meat? Are you a vegan?


Catholics certainly cannot claim eating meat is wrong as it is clearly spelled out in the Catechism that is is allowed.

CCC 2417 God entrusted animals to the stewardship of those whom he created in his own image. Hence it is legitimate to use animals for food and clothing. They may be domesticated to help man in his work and leisure. Medical and scientific experimentation on animals is a morally acceptable practice if it remains within reasonable limits and contributes to caring for or saving human lives.


We had a long drawn out thread here last year on vegetarianism. Then the topic included hunting and so on and as I recall some PETA bashing. If you can handle going vegan more power to you, IMO. I have a hard time with it juggling protein and carbs with diabetes, and after a while I give to the craving for buffalo wings!:rolleyes:


I’m no longer a vegeatarian because of the simple impacticality of the whole thing, but I was for 2.25 years and I can assure you that if you eat right, vegetarians are much healthier. I felt much healthier when I wasn’t eating meat. I weighed less and had more energy. Also: eggs aren’t meat.


“Vegeterian”… = Old American Indian Word for:

Bad Hunter


I am a vegetarian only because I hate the thought of animals being killed.Nothing to do with religion.


I am not a vegetarian only because I hate the thought of animals being killed in vain.:smiley:

Actually, I’m just teasing. I also like the taste of meat.


I was wondering if there are any Christians who are vegetarians believing that eating meat is wrong?

I am NOT a vegetarian but I don’t eat much meat. Least not since I have had the chance of speaking to folk who work in poultry processing ‘factories’.

I used to love chicken and duck. Any dish was acceptable. But in our area, there are several companies which 'process poultry: chicken, duck and turkey. I am disgusted at the stories I have heard. How they are rough handled, suspended upside down by their legs to go through a deep pan of water to part drown them and ‘wetten’ their heads ready for electrocution.

I have spent time reflecting on that which is underlined. I have imagined what it must be like for the bird in question, or how I would feel it is was done to me.

How ‘the factory’ processes the bird, flaying them to remove the feathers. How the conveyer is speeded up when there is a lot of birds come in. When this happens, how they go through the electrical stunner to quickely and are still alive when they are flayed and cut open to have their bowels removed.

How not a single morsel of a bird is wasted, bones crushed and bloood collected for fertiliser.

It is so disgusting. I just do not fancy poultry anymore.

I also know someone who worked in an abatour and how the animals are alleged to know before they die that they will die because they can smell the blood in the ‘killing room’ and how it takes strong men to hold them down as they kick and fight for survival.

I hear what fellow Christians say about 'how the Lord ate fish, condoned the eating of lamb at the Passover etc etc.

Saw an ariel picture of a poultry processing factory on the news recently. It looked like any sort of modern plant, nice cars on the car park, posh modern office suite. But the thought of the unimaginable cruelties that go on inside there, it looked like ‘evil had truely come of age’.

I am not interested in the counter arguements that 'poulty don’t really know what is going on, lack of intelligence etc
This must be stopped. This cannot be good. It is in my view 'pure evil in the name of capital.

It is in my view nothing short of obscene and cruelty. It cannot have the approval of Almighty God. :confused:


Required reading for anyone seriously interested in a Christian response to the question of the proper treatment of animals: Dominion by Matthew Scully.

– Mark L. Chance.


My 15 yo daughter has been a vegetarian for nearly 2 years. It was her choice. I first thought it would be a passing thing, but so far so good. We do fight cholesterol in her. So, this has really been a great thing for her. I would much rather her give up meat than be on meds for a lifetime. She will eat fish and eggs to get her protein.


I was going to say that :wink: You beat me to it!



Thank you forthe information and taking the Christian response in bringing it to the attention of other forum members


:eek: Well, you turned me off completely on the idea of the buffalo wings!! Now, there is a deli near me that sells Amish raised poultry, are Amish chickens “processed” differently? The poultry is a little bit more expensive but if avoids needless animal cruelty I may purchase it.


Im almost a canivore!!! I eat meat for these reasons , taste( I dont care for the taste of many veggies) , blood sugar( the protein keeps my blood sugar balanced better than anything else, im hypoglycemeic), filling( it sticks with me better than anything, and I dont have the time to constantly eat all day). give me my double cheeseburger with bacon, my pizza with peporoni, ham, sausage and bacon.


Well…umm…I don’t know how old you are but you most certainly will pay for that kind of diet if you continue eating like that! I don’t want to change the topic on this thread but a diet loaded with meat & fat is not a very healthy one. The diet above seems loaded with fat, animal fat…not good. Not only bad for your coronary arteries but studies seem to indicated diets diets high in red meat to be linked to colon cancer. I can sympathize with your hypoglycemia as my blood sugar can have highs and lows. Why not add more fiber to your diet, like oatmeal for breakfast, more fish such as salmon (easy on the tuna) and healthy oils such as olive oil and leaner meats. I know I should talk :rolleyes: but I’m trying to add healthy foods and my total cholestrol is still below 200.


I am vegetarian for health reasons only ( I need a low protein diet). But I’m not vegan. I eat eggs and dairy, so I get ample protein.

I don’t think there is anything wrong in of itself to eating meat.

I do think this society eats far too much meat and the meat that is eaten was taken from animals many times in a dreadful way. A good Catholic I think should take a hard look at the fishing, beef, and poultry industries and their methods. My husband is a meat-eater and is very selective on what kinds of products he buys.


I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a decade and will never go back to eating meat. I’m a vegetarian basically because I can’t stand how animals are treated by most ranchers, also after so long of not eating meat I don’t care for the taste anymore. It may sound weird but your body can adapt and now meat just taste plain nasty to me, which it didn’t before.

As far as connecting that to religion, I don’t. I forgot the exact verse but Jesus did say nothing going into us could defile us, only that which comes out of us. So me being vegetarian doesn’t have anything to do with my religion, and I don’t think it should.

Just my two cents,


Originally Posted by water
I was wondering if there are any Christians who are vegetarians believing that eating meat is wrong?

Actually yes I do.

Given the amount of genetic information in every cell, which is the equivalent of the entire Britannica Encylopaedia, I am gorging on zillions of entire collections. All that information and it is being utterly wasted and devoured.

Actually, the mere thought of it does put me off.

Also I have a problem with not knowing if it was killed painlessly.

I used to eat a bacon hock every Saturday. When my father died, I recall his body in his coffin at the undertakers and his flesh resembled the hocks I had eaten. The next hock was a really BIG turn-off! Had to throw most of it away. Never eaten one since.

It was a salutary reminder to me of what I am eating. After wards, I felt really spooked by the thoughts of my freezer in the kitchen which was basically a mortuary :frowning:

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